5 Ways to Up Your Watch Game for Summer

By Montredo in Lifestyle
May 10, 2019
5 Ways to Up Your Watch Game for Summer


Summer is the time of short and light types of clothing, loafers as well as espadrilles, and graphic tees with rolled up sleeves. If chosen carefully, a wristwatch can play an important role in a carefully composed summer outfit. Here are 5 tips for wearing a wristwatch during the warm season.

1. Smaller Watch Cases

For the most part, wristwatches worn during the summertime should only be subtly showcased. Regardless of the wrist size, we suggest pieces with a case measurement of 40 millimetres and under. Firstly, smaller sized watches look lightweight and suggest comfortable wear during the hottest period in the year. Secondly, the overall proportion wouldn’t look right. Watches can quickly take on the appearance of being disproportionately large, especially when wearing light clothes.

2. Light Coloured Dials

It’s no accident that the summer time is dominated by light-coloured tones. This doesn’t only apply just to clothes, but also for wristwatches. Light colours convey a certain kind of ease and warmth, and round out thoughtfully chosen summer outfits. Next to white dials, there are also cream, silver, light grey, and champagne colours that are equally suitable.

3. Coloured Accents

Coloured accents can give a wristwatch a fresh und light touch. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t let the interplay of colours get too carried away. Ultimately, the watch should just be only one component and not define the entire outfit itself.

4. Gold (Plated) Cases

One possibility for the right summer watch look is a gold-plated or solid gold case. Since gold belongs on the warmer side of the colour spectrum, it only makes sense to combine this precious metal together with summer wear. Especially concerning gold cases: reduced designs and moderate sizes should be the norm.

5. Textile Watch Straps

Even if you don’t already own a classic summer watch and you aren’t considering picking up a watch during the hot months of July and August, you can still give a wristwatch a touch of summer in one simple way: just attach a NATO or Nylon wristband. NATO straps can be switched out without the use of any tools, which helps the watch be easily coordinated with your outfit every day. For all those that love metal bracelets: a Milanese watch strap could be an alternative to heavy stainless steel bracelets with large sized links.