5 Ways to Up Your Watch Game in Fall

By Montredo in Lifestyle
May 13, 2019
5 Ways to Up Your Watch Game in Fall


Many deem autumn to bring out the best in fashion. After a restless summer, when the sky is once again regularly mired in fog, a certain ease sets back in. The time for trench coats, check scarves and the beloved Chelsea boots is edging ever closer after the summer break and the choice of wristwatch also undergoes an overhaul. Finally. Here are 5 tips to help you harmonize your watch choice with the seasonal conditions, wardrobe and atmosphere.

1. Watches can be worn bigger.

Compared to the spring/summer season, watches worn in fall tend to have a more ripened and conservative appeal with case diameters exceeding the 40mm mark. 

This has a lot to do with outfit selection: Given that October means above all the return of the portly overcoat, thermal Parka and knotted woolen turtleneck, it is critical that the watch won’t be lost in the ensemble and the individual outfit-components are kept suitably proportioned with one another.

2. Steel is real.

During summer, there is more room for an experimental choice of case material, reverting back to more colourful and lighter alloys. However, in autumn it is the more demure and modest designs that prevail. Steel represents an honest and undistorted tone and visually transmits a certain robustness and imperturbability, which can withstand even the most adverse weather conditions.

3. Dark colours and earth tones dominate.

Not only in respect to clothes, but also when it comes to your watch selection, dark and earthy colours tend to dominate. In particular, watches with brown, dark blue, black and cream-coloured dials are more frequently worn. Also suiting very well during the sun-deprived months: patinated vintage models or heritage references.

4. Go Classic for your strap selection

Also when talking about the bracelet choice, we refer back to the classic materials. Next to the steel bracelet, the choice leans more often than not back towards thicker leather straps. 

Double-layered and lightly upholstered leather straps with contrast stitching create an autumn mood, even on sporty and more funky looking models. 

5. Also in fall, low-key accents can set a twist.

Autumn is undoubtedly the season of calm and warm colour tones. Yet, there is no need to shy away from individual colour-accents.

These should, however, stay within certain set-parameters and not overwhelm the overall. When the accents move within the colour-spectrum of the wardrobe, the outfit appears to be well thought out and assiduously coordinated. 

Opting for an inconspicuous hint of burgundy-red accompanying an outfit composed in brown-coloured tones can make a bold statement and give your autumn look an unexpected kick.