A new cover girl: Zenith A3818 Revival

By Montredo in Lifestyle
February 27, 2020
A new cover girl: Zenith A3818 Revival

In 2009, Manfred Rössler published a book on Zenith’s rich history with the title “Zenith: Swiss Watch Manufacture Since 1865”. For the cover, he had chosen a particularly beautiful and rare piece of Zenith’s history: an A3818.

The cover with the A3818 [© Fratello Watches]

This move earned the watch the nickname “Cover Girl”. Rössler had chosen the watch for its beautiful blue dial, which was a real speciality at the time of its appearance in 1971. Only around 1,000 pieces were ever produced of the A3818, which makes it one of the most sought-after Vintage Zenith models ever. It is not uncommon for prices to reach upwards of 20,000 US dollars at auction houses.

The striking shape of the case breathes the spirit of the 70s [Fratello Watches]

Together with the magazine Revolution and its sister company The Rake, Zenith is now releasing a new edition of the chic chronograph icon. Possibly the most striking detail is the unique shape of the case, giving the watch a distinct 1970s feel. Thanks to the modern possibilities of machine processing, the sharp edges are particularly beautiful.

While one remained basically faithful to the original, a few small changes have been made: The dial now has luminous material in several places. Furthermore, you can admire the El Primero movement through a sapphire crystal back. The rest, like the 37mm diameter, stays true to the original. The watch comes on a stainless steel “ladder” bracelet, similar to the “Gay Frères” bracelets of the very first El Primero models.

Now visible in the new edition: The famous El Primero work by Zenith © Zenith

The Zenith A3818 Revival is limited to 100 pieces. One half is sold through online stores of Revolution and the remaining 50 through Zenith boutiques. Alongside the watch comes a copy of the above mentioned book by Manfred Rössler. More information can be found on the manufacturer website.

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