A President for the Gypsy King

By Montredo in Lifestyle
February 26, 2020
A President for the Gypsy King

In perfect form, the “Gypsy King” could be seen gliding through the MGM Grand Las Vegas arena on his throne just before he royally kicked Deontay Wilder’s ass. This is totally in keeping with the brash boxer’s persona – he who has made talking smack about his opponents into a veritable art form and who, by his own admission, masturbates seven times a day when training for a fight just (?) to keep his testosterone level high. Little surprise, then, that during the fight he licked up a little blood which had dripped from his beleaguered opponent’s ear onto his sweaty shoulder – delicious and nutritious!

I don’t roll without my Rolex!

The “Gypsy King” on the way to the boxing ring

A comparatively harmless video features Fury on the eve of the fight. In this YouTube interview for GQ, the 31-year-old boxer presented ten things without which he could not live. In addition to shoes, a razor for his head, an extravagant jacket and other rather mundane things, the extroverted martial artist also listed his massive Rolex Day-Date 40 (AKA “President”) made of 18ct Everose. According to Fury, he never takes the watch off – not when sleeping, shaving, swimming or showering, as he feels naked without it. Only during training is the President temporarily benched (we would assume at least seven times a day).

A Day-Date in Everose-Gold

Rolex Day-Date in 18 Karat Everose Gold © Rolex

Tyson Fury’s everyday watch is a real eye-catcher. The olive-green dial with solar cut presents rather more mossy than olive, and works wonderfully with the Everose gold of the case and dial. Everrose is Rolex’s proprietary and patented 18 carat gold alloy, produced in their in-house foundry. The President band is another highlight of the watch. It was developed in 1956 for the first Day-Date and has ever since been characteristic of the President. Incidentally, this was the first watch to indicate the date and the day in windows on the dial.

You can watch the entire video, including Tyson Furys Rolex, here: