B.R.M Chronographes: Quintessential Accessories for Active Spirits

By Montredo in Lifestyle
October 7, 2021
B.R.M Chronographes: Quintessential Accessories for Active Spirits

Sports and luxury often go hand in hand, and this is further proven by the brand of Bernard Richards with its decades of experience and its excellent wristwatch creations.

Precision and Excellence with Distinctive French Flair

Passion almost always leads to great things. And indeed, that of Bernard Richards, CEO of the B.R.M Chronographes brand, led him in 2003 to found a watchmaking company that encloses a world of fascination: the one of motorsports, of roaring engines and of that sense of controlled adrenaline that only a sports race can provide. But the story of this company certainly doesn’t end here. One year later, in 2004, an encounter that changed the face and the future of the brand occurred: Bernard Richards met for the first time one of France’s most famous watchmakers, Jean-Paul Crabbe, and soon began what was described by the CEO as “the greatest collaboration of my life”. Every year since then, the two men have continually crafted timepieces based on their experience in the automotive industry, and later on, their expertise in golf, with the express purpose of providing their customers with exceptional watches of artisanal craftsmanship.

The Secret Lies in the Modular Construction

Detail of the composition by a B.R.M watch

One aspect that makes these high-end watches unique is the method of construction and assembly. Since the brand’s DNA is rooted in its fascination with the world of motors, this aspect could only be reflected in the method of creation and assembly of the various parts of these splendid chronographs. The modular construction, which derives from the luxury automotive industry, enables B.R.M to oversee the unique manufacture and finish of each piece. For example, the watch cases, which consist of 18 parts, are cut and machined from the block from solid bars. The watch hands are openwork, like the pedals of the Italian automobile industry, and painted by hand, while the signature B.R.M buckles of the watch straps are also machined from the block.

Fine Craftsmanship Meets Innovation

If you are not yet convinced of the amazing qualities this brand and its products offer, we’ll give you another reason to fall in love with this “jewelry” of the wrist. A distinctive sign of B.R.M is its constant search for innovation. Although the art of watchmaking is an ancient tradition, this does not prevent the possibility, thanks to machining technology (CNCs) and forward thinking ideas, to bring those extra features and characteristics that make a watch avant-garde. In the case of B.R.M we speak about their Isolastique® principle and casing ring. In accordance with its patented “isolastique®” principle, B.R.M Chronographes mounts the flexible movement on carbon arms. These in turn are kept under pressure within a casing ring by variable-pitch springs, which isolate the movement from shocks and all other extraneous vibrations, just as an engine is isolated from the chassis by silentblocs. This protection supplements the shock absorbers mounted on balance fulcrums – another way to ensure the movement’s proper function.

B.R.M Chronographes Collections: Two Sporty Lines

As previously mentioned, the strong enthusiasm for the world of motorsports and racing has joined another high precision sport, one with slightly more elegant features: golf. This is how B.R.M Chronographes proposes to the public two exciting watch lines: racing and golf.

Detail of the Racing Models

The B.R.M Chronographes Racing collection is an Hymn to the contemporary design and the fruit of French artisanal. It is also fashioned from high-tech materials used in racecar construction, that makes each timepiece even more unique.

The Golf Line

Detail of the Golf Models

A blend of design and performance inspired by golf, honed skill and French technology. Note a final specificity of the B.R.M Chronographes Golf collection: the position of the ceramic dimpled, winding crown, located at 9am as on a left-handed watch, and not at 3am as is classically the case.

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