Blood trails in the snow: SBGA421 Grand Seiko Snowflake

By Montredo in News
February 7, 2020
Blood trails in the snow: SBGA421 Grand Seiko Snowflake
SBGA421 Grand Seiko Snowflake
SBGA421 Grand Seiko Snowflake © wornandwound

Admittedly, the Grand Seiko 60th Anniversary Limited Edition range, released on the occasion of the 60th birthday of the premium brand, was not exactly rich with variety. At least as far as the dials were concerned, the color blue was pretty much it. Consonant with the motto “never change a winning dial color” you have to admit that they really do look quite good nonetheless, and if my favorite ice cream is vanilla, I might just order 4 scoops of vanilla. And let’s not forget the two quartz watches and the women’s watch – none should be excluded! Put another way, and to paraphrase the now famous chant heard on Oprah’s orgiastic car giveaway, “you get a blue dial, you get a blue dial, you get a blue dial….”

As much as the blue dials of the 60th Anniversary Limited Editions have delighted, though, the SBGA421 does not offer any real pleasure. While cleverly set accents in red-on-black dials can create an appealing look, the color should be enjoyed with caution against a white dial. As a signal color, red simply stands out too strongly. The orientation to the colors of the Japanese national flag is understandable, but without this knowledge the allusion isn’t necessarily obvious just looking at the watch. And even the otherwise wonderful Snowflake dial can’t help matters much. The whole thing ends up somewhat reminiscent of traces of blood in the snow – an association that only a few should find appealing. But still, it may be better than yellow indices and hands…

This leaves a watch that should hardly find any fans, at least in these parts. But that’s good news as well – you don’t have to worry that the watch is only available in selected Japanese boutiques. The suitcase, for now, stays in the closet.