Blue, blue, blue are all of my Grand Seiko 60th Anniversary Limited Editions

By Montredo in News
February 4, 2020
Blue, blue, blue are all of my Grand Seiko 60th Anniversary Limited Editions
 Grand Seiko 60th Anniversary Limited Edition STGK015
STGK015: Diamonds are everyone’s best friend…

It feels like every watch brand celebrates at least one anniversary every year, and releases several suitable watches to commemorate the event – whether they be limited or not. Keeping this in mind, perhaps we should not expect too much from the recently launched Grand Seikos, no matter how much significance marketing has drummed up for the number 60. (Since the minute is divided into 60 seconds, must this be a special anniversary? Seriously?) As watch lovers, we can be satisfied to sit back, relax and enjoy the fact that there is now yet another beautiful color to admire on Grand Seiko’s color wheel.

Grand Seiko cannot be blamed for one thing: too many dial colors. Most of the time we are dealing with slight variations of black and white, sometimes a little pastel blue, here a dab of dark green. It doesn’t always need to be a rainbow, as the Snowflake so impressively proves.

Cool and the gang: Grand Seiko’s limited editions from last year.

Luckily, something has recently changed. The seasonal watch SBGH269 picked up the beautiful red of Japan’s autumn leaves, and the SBGH271 the lush green of the Japanese summer. The SBGJ227 Peacock is also an expressive modern classic, and even the recently released hand-wound caliber in the form of the SBGK005 got a little color. A nice rich blue, however, was still missing from the palette, which we now have in the form of the SBGH281 and the SBGP007. And, along these lines, the striking blue ceramic bezel of the SBGP015 may be controversial, but it certainly is consistent.

The only pity is that this time there is no watch with a Spring Drive, even though this very movement is Grand Seiko’s unique selling point and best embodies the spirit of the brand: technological progress without sacrificing their especial elegance. Well, maybe on Grand Seiko’s 61st birthday. Or, failing that, Spring Drive’s own 25th isn’t that far off.