Boegli Pocket Watches: A Leap Into the Past, Yet With Timeless Style

By Montredo in Lifestyle
December 3, 2021
Boegli Pocket Watches: A Leap Into the Past, Yet With Timeless Style

The Swiss watch brand Boegli enchants with its pocket watches that not only tell the time but also ring in the day with classic melodies.

Family Tradition and Know-How for Unique Creations

Since 1904, the Boegli family has followed the path of watchmaking and pioneered the development of various movement technologies. But family passions are often passed down from generation to generation. In this way, Francois Boegli, a descendant of the Boegli family, has combined watchmaking with his other great passion: classical music. This led him to found the Boegli Watches brand in 2000. His vision was clear from the start: to create designer music watches that play refined melodies for people with refined tastes. Together with a small team that shared his passion for music and watchmaking, this vision became a reality with many exceptional watch collections.

Rebirth of an Icon: Musical Pocket Watches

With its music-playing watches, the Swiss watch brand is keeping a centuries-old tradition alive – after all, the first music-playing movements were made over 200 years ago. Boegli’s pieces are works of art developed in collaboration with renowned Swiss watchmakers and professionals in music mechanics. The result is a patented melody technology for the production of elegant and beautiful sounding watches that are not limited to the mere display of time.

Boegli Pocket Watches: A Leap Into the Past, Yet With Timeless Style

Revival is a phenomenon that occurs frequently in our daily lives. An object that reached the peak of its popularity in another historical period is rediscovered and brought back into people’s consciousness. Similarly, Boegli did this with pocket watches, an object of rare beauty that conveys a timeless elegance. The Swiss watch brand has once again combined its know-how and passion for music to make these noble marvels even more special. With its five fascinating collections, Boegli truly makes you dream of owning a pocket watch.

Adagio Collection

The Adagio collection embodies the wisdom and understated elegance of this brand. It is the only pocket watch without a melody title on the dial. The numerals with appliqués on an enamelled white background emphasise the modest style of this model series. The watch was created for the discerning gentleman and is available in Hunter and Coverless versions. Available in gold and palladium.

Baroque Collection

These Baroque-style pocket watches embody the idea of a noble, well-lived life: elegant yet down-to-earth, affluent but not gaudy. The Baroque collection recalls the origins of the Boegli watches: The first models of Boegli music-playing watches had the same clear dial and design. To play the melody, press the switch on the back of the watch. When turning 1 cylinder by 1 prong (out of a total of 17 prongs), a melody consisting of 54 notes is played.

Concerto Collection

The Concerto collection is all about said symphony: the oval time dial complements the roundness of the case shape and the opening of the movement, while the dial, decorated with an ice motif, emphasizes the aesthetics and serves to make the overall aesthetic appear sharper. A truly classic watch for a truly classic soul. Available in palladium and gold.

Soprano Collection

The pocket watches of the Soprano model series are perfect companions for lovers of elegance. Pressing one of the buttons opens the lid and you have a travel watch. Thanks to the feet hidden under the lid, the watch can also become a worthy decorative clock on your desk. Available in gold, rhodium and palladium.

Symphonia Collection

The Symphonia pocket watches have adopted the unmistakable look of the Baroque model series, but their dial has a guilloché ice motif instead of the usual opening. It is reminiscent of the brand’s roots and has large Arabic numerals – just like the very first pocket watches from Boegli. Available in gold and palladium.

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