Bomberg Dares to Be Different With Their New Shaving Kit

By Montredo in Lifestyle
December 22, 2021
Bomberg Dares to Be Different With Their New Shaving Kit

Bomberg has a habit of offering unique and playful accessories alongside their striking watches, and their latest release proves to be no different. Now, just why is a Swiss-based watch manufacturer launching a skull embellished shaving kit?

The Bomberg Shaving Kit

You may remember Bomberg from their recent CBD (“Cure the Bulldog”) timepiece, launched earlier in the year, so it should come as no surprise to learn that Bomberg’s newly released shaving kit is currently causing quite the stir in the luxury watch industry. A combination of luxurious details and bespoke shaving utensils, the kit offers a way for their dedicated fan base to take care of and maintain their beards, all while carrying on Bomberg’s rebellious and rock and roll spirit and outlook.

The Perfect Gift

Meticulously handcrafted by New Zealand artist and jewellery designer Cory Brinsdon, the kit comes with a personal presentation stand as standard, as a way to best present the product in the home. The switchblade knife, shaving razor and brush all come embellished with numerous skulls, furthering the uniqueness of the product, and perfectly embodies the brand’s rebellious nature.

All these exquisite items come housed in a beautiful black skull-shaped leather box that, in a genius move, can also double-up as a case for your favourite Bomberg wristwatches. This makes it a fantastic gift for any watch lover you may know!

Get Yours Now!

That’s not all – Bomberg’s new shaving kit can be purchased solo, or as part of a promotional set alongside their unique BOLT-68 Neo timepiece (BF44CHAPBA.04-2.12).

But don’t delay – the kit is limited to just 200 pieces, so be sure to secure yours soon. Get in touch with Montredo today for an offer on either the shaving kit solo, or the BOLT-68 combo!

Excited as we are with Bomberg’s new shaving kit? Visit the official Bomberg website here to get your hands on it!