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Favorite Bell & Ross models:

  Bell & Ross

Bell & Ross Instruments Quartz Pink 39mm

  Bell & Ross

Bell & Ross Instruments Automatic Blue 40mm

  Bell & Ross

Bell & Ross Instruments Quartz Pink 39mm

  Bell & Ross

Bell & Ross Instruments Automatic Blue 42mm

  Bell & Ross

Bell & Ross Vintage Automatic Black 41mm

  Bell & Ross

Bell & Ross Instruments Automatic Black 40mm

  Bell & Ross

Bell & Ross Instruments Automatic Black 42mm

  Bell & Ross

Bell & Ross Vintage Automatic Blue 41mm

  Bell & Ross

Bell & Ross Instruments Automatic Black 40mm

  Bell & Ross

Bell & Ross Instruments Automatic Blue 40mm

  Bell & Ross

Bell & Ross Vintage Automatic Beige 41mm

  Bell & Ross

Bell & Ross Vintage Automatic Green 41mm

  Bell & Ross

Bell & Ross Vintage Automatic Black 41mm

  Bell & Ross

Bell & Ross Instruments Automatic Black 42mm

  Bell & Ross

Bell & Ross Instruments Automatic Black 40mm

  Bell & Ross

Bell & Ross Instruments Automatic Black 40mm

  Bell & Ross

Bell & Ross Instruments Automatic Blue 42mm

  Bell & Ross

Bell & Ross BR 05 GMT Automatic Silver 41mm

  Bell & Ross

Bell & Ross Multimeter Automatic Black 42mm

  Bell & Ross

Bell & Ross BR 05 Automatic Black 41mm

  Bell & Ross

Bell & Ross Instruments Automatic Silver 42mm

  Bell & Ross

Bell & Ross BR 03 Automatic Black 42mm

  Bell & Ross

Bell & Ross BR 05 Gmt Automatic White 41mm

  Bell & Ross

Bell & Ross BR 05 Automatic Black 42mm

  Bell & Ross

Bell & Ross BR-X5 Automatic Black 41mm

  Bell & Ross

Bell & Ross Br-X5 Automatic Blue 41mm

  Bell & Ross

Bell & Ross Br-X5 Automatic Black 41mm

  Bell & Ross

Bell & Ross Diver White 42mm

  Bell & Ross

Bell & Ross BR 05 Automatic Skeletonized 40mm

  Bell & Ross

Bell & Ross Instruments Automatic Blue 42mm

  Bell & Ross

Bell & Ross BR 05 Automatic Green 40mm

  Bell & Ross

Bell & Ross BR 03 Automatic Blue 41mm

  Bell & Ross

Bell & Ross BR 03 Automatic Black 41mm

  Bell & Ross

Bell & Ross BR 05 Chrono Automatic Blue 42mm

  Bell & Ross

Bell & Ross BR 05 Chrono Automatic Black 42mm

  Bell & Ross

Bell & Ross BR-05 Automatic Green 42mm

  Bell & Ross

Bell & Ross BR-05 Automatic Green 42mm

  Bell & Ross

Bell & Ross Instruments Automatic Black 42mm

  Bell & Ross

Bell & Ross Instruments Automatic Black 42mm


Bell & Ross Wristwatches


Which Bell & Ross models are available?
Why should I buy a Bell & Ross watch?
How much does a Bell & Ross watch cost?
How much does the most expensive Bell & Ross cost?
Who wears Bell & Ross?
How do you wind a Bell & Ross watch correctly?
The history of Bell & Ross
Bell & Ross in figures
Bell & Ross over time


The Bell & Ross Brand

From the cockpit to the wrist

Every detail of Bell & Ross models have served a purpose since 1992 and offer a function, even in extreme situations.

Why choose a Bell & Ross watch? Bell & Ross was originally created as a watch brand for professionals who expected robustness and reliability from their professional wristwatches. Consequently, the timepieces with a retro aesthetic look were primarily equipped with four perfect functions: legibility, functionality, precision and durability. Technical accuracy plays a major role here, expressed in pure lines and timeless elegance. Montredo offers the most exciting Bell & Ross models online, all new, original and with a full manufacturer’s guarantee. Here, watch lovers can find their dream watch at a reasonable price with the best delivery conditions – including express delivery!



Which Bell & Ross Models are Available?

What are the most popular models from Bell & Ross?

Instruments – The on-board instrument from the airplane cockpit as the original inspiration is particularly reflected in the Instruments collection, whose striking square case with four screws is designed with a round dial featuring four oversized Arabic numerals and eight indices. All Bell & Ross timepieces are water-resistant to at least 100 meters and feature luminescence on their dials for optimum readability at night. A very good power reserve is of course included. The Instruments line is available in four diameters with various leather, rubber and metal straps and also in an elegant ladies’ size, some of which are set with diamonds. In addition to classic three-hand models with date display, the everyday collection also includes chronographs and GMT watches as well as a diver’s watch; the BR-093 Diver. It is water-resistant to 300 meters, features a rotating bezel and has a special crown protection.

Vintage – Vintage is divided into BR VI Auto, BR V2 Auto, BR V2 GMT, BR V2 Chrono and BR V3 Chrono. Watches in this popular collection present a classic military design combined with a touch of elegance. In this extensive product (family-made under true watchmaking craftsmanship), Bell & Ross proves that tasteful retro design is possible in many shapes, colours and materials. The Vintage collection combines a large number of chronographs, three-hand timepieces and field watches, whose round cases made of stainless steel or bronze are pressure-resistant to at least 10 bar. Some are also equipped with rotating bezels whose colour usually matches that of the dial. The colour spectrum ranges from glamorous shades such as blue and silver, whose shine is enhanced by sunburst polishing, to natural nuances such as military green and orange. The models are available with various leather, rubber and five-link metal straps.

Urban – Contemporary design for urban heroes: The Urban collection from Bell & Ross consists of wearable and functional everyday watches. The well-known models in this collection include the BR 05 Black Steel, BR 03-94 Blue Steel and BR V2-94 Racing Bird.

Concept – the timepieces are characterized by an eye-catching and whimsical design featuring a skull in the middle of the dial: “A tribute to the epic of the paratroopers of the Second World War”, according to the manufacturers.

Experimental – As the name suggests, the timepieces in the Experimental product family, some of which are very limited editions, stand for sophisticated grand complications such as tourbillons, exquisitely crafted models such as skeleton watches and decidedly avant-garde chronographs that are at home in the world of motorsports and on the racetrack. All timepieces in the model series have the complex square case typical of the brand and a striking bracelet integrated directly into the case, which is available in various rubber and leather versions.

Haute-Horlogerie – Sophisticated timepieces in the premium segment with fine materials and produced in limited quantities: the Haute-Horlogerie model series is made up of exceptional performance, robustness and high-quality designs. The view into the case and the coloured screws are just some elements that contribute to an eye-catching appearance. Timepieces for the truly special moments in life.



Why should I Buy a Bell & Ross Watch?

What are the advantages of a Bell & Ross watch?

The watch manufacturer Bell & Ross builds on the tradition of the Swiss watchmaking industry with the ambition to do justice to extreme situations. The company was founded in 1994 by the French industrial designer Bruno Belamich and his friend Carlos Rosillo and has maintained a production facility in La Chaux-de-Fonds since 1996. Watchmakers and the watch world know: All models are powered by high-quality Swiss mechanical movements and are meticulously regulated. The Swiss brand Bell & Ross thus combines tradition, innovation and, above all, precision and longevity. It is foreseeable that the demand for luxury watches will increase in the future. At MONTREDO you can buy the most popular Bell & Ross models at the best price – of course with a full manufacturer’s guarantee, free shipping and a 60-day return policy.


Why Choose Bell & Ross?

  • Expressive designs reminiscent of military watches
  • Clear structures and very easy-to-read dials with shock-resistant sapphire crystal and very good water resistance
  • Case diameter from 38.5 mm to 46 mm
  • Modified movements from ETA or Sellita
  • Durable Haute Horlogerie watches with tourbillon


How Expensive is a Bell & Ross Watch?

The price range for Bell & Ross wristwatches extends from 1,000 euros – for example, for the BR V1 with three hands – to 120,000 euros for the elegant chronographs with tourbillon and gold cases. In the mid-price segment, Heritage luxury watches with chronograph function start at 5,000 euros. This means that there is a suitable Bell & Ross model for men and women in every price segment.


How Much is the Most Expensive Bell & Ross Watch?

At the top of the price range are chronographs with tourbillons and gold cases such as the reference BRX1-CHTB-PG, which cost from around 120,000 euros. However, the Luxury Bell & Ross BR-X1 Tourbillon Sapphire for 495,000 US dollars is by far the most expensive watch that the Swiss brand has ever produced.


Who Wears Bell & Ross?

Whether astronauts, special forces, police officers or hunting pilots, Bell & Ross watches are particularly popular with these professional groups due to their robustness and durability. The luxury watches can also be found on the racetrack and in motorsport in general. Collectors also like to include luxury wristwatches in their watch collections. Anyone who likes functional wristwatches with a stylish design and excellent readability must own a luxury watch from Bell & Ross.

The Swiss luxury watches are also popular in the fashion sector. US designer Ralph Lauren, for example, owns several models of the Swiss timepieces and has his models pose with the square BR-01 in advertisements. It is fair to say that the brand has a fashionable image in the best sense of the word.


How do you Wind a Bell & Ross Watch Correctly?

To wind a Bell & Ross watch correctly, turn the crown clockwise. Diver’s watches with high water resistance usually have a screw-down crown that must first be unscrewed and then carefully wound without overwinding. The watch should be wound before it is used for the first time or after a long period of inactivity. A little tip: With mechanical watches, you should never set the date when the hour hand is between 22:00 and 2:00. As the movement is still in the switching mechanism during this period, the movement could be damaged.



The History of Bell & Ross

Bell & Ross – Sky is The Limit

Bell & Ross was founded in 1992 according to the motto “function determines form” – still relatively new by watchmaking standards. Designer Bruno Belamich and businessman Carlos A. Rosillo, who had been friends since the age of 15, created the Bell & Ross brand: A partnership that combined commercial acumen with an eye for detail. What the label lacked in maturity, it made up for in impeccably designed pieces that were considered rather unusual by the traditional industry. This proved to be the company’s greatest strength. In 1994, Bell & Ross relaunched the famous Space 1: the first automatic chronometer to be worn in orbit. Subsequently, the French security services commissioned the “bomb disposal type” – a military watch with an anti-magnetic case and expert accuracy: very important in terms of bomb disposal.

The accolades for the company were never-ending. In 1997, the luxury brand Bell & Ross then launched the Hydro Challenger, a watch listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the first of its kind to function at 11,000 meters below sea level.

All this may sound somewhat detached from aviation. However, Bell & Ross’ greatest stroke of genius was surprisingly not of a technical nature, but a visual one. The French label’s main collection adapts the square shape of a French jet fighter cockpit and places it directly on the dial: four sides fastened with screws to house a marvel of mechanics. And it is this clever invention that has become Bell & Ross’ flagship model and stand-out feature.

Bell & Ross produces its own products in La Chaux-de-Fonds in Switzerland. A rarity these days. While many manufactories normally outsource parts of their production, Bell & Ross largely keeps its operations and warehouse in-house. This means that the majority of Bell & Ross watches on wrists are actually uniformly made by the Bell & Ross manufacture. The only exception to this rule is the strap. This is produced and delivered in Italian tanneries on a natural basis.



Bell & Ross in Figures

1,000: Gravure Printing

The BR02, one of Bell & Ross’ main lines and true dream watches, can withstand depths of more than 1,000 meters of pressure, making it one of the most robust diving watches on the market, but also looks good on dry land.


8: The Number on the Door

The headquarters of Bell & Ross are located in Paris, Rue Copernic number 8. In contrast to most long-established Swiss brands and jewellers, Bell & Ross has focused on Paris. Despite production in La Chaux-de-Fonds, the label has kept all its other offices in its home town.


500: Better than the Spartans

Bell & Ross’ centrepiece, the BR 01 Skull Bronze, is limited to just 500 pieces worldwide. Inspired by the 1944 Parachute Regiment icon and its skull and crossed bones emblem, it revived the love of bronze in the industry and surprised the watch market with its difference.


46: Wrist Size

Bell & Ross’ most popular and recognizable watch – the legendary BR 01, which was first launched in 2005 – has an impressive 46 mm diameter. While this might seem inappropriate for slender wrists, it proves once again that Bell & Ross cannot be pigeonholed or bent. These watches are not for wallflowers, and not only jewellers know that.


123: The Magic Number

In 2002, the watch brand Bell & Ross presented the Vintage 123 Heure Sautante in stores, the first hand watch with a “jumping hour” and power reserve indicator. The limited edition was the first partnership between the brand and master watchmaker Vincent Calabrese. A new door opened, an old one closed: the partnership also signalled the end of production with Sinn in Chaux-des-Fonds.



Bell & Ross Timeline

1992: Bell & Ross is founded as a joint venture between two friends of children: Bruno Belamich (Bell) and Carlos A. Rosillo (Ross). The simple idea was “function shapes form”, and this concept, including recognition value, gave rise to a watch brand that combines efficiency, legibility and reliability.

1994: The Bell & Ross brand releases the Space 1, the world’s first automatic chronometer designed to be worn on the “final frontier”. No, this didn’t mean a remote Swiss landscape in December, but quite mercilessly: outer space.

1996: The Bell & Ross “Bomb Disposal Type” was first developed at the request of the French security services. The piece itself has an anti-magnetic housing that enables greater legibility and precision – important factors that are crucial for bomb disposal.

1998: The Space 3 Chronograph was released following the success of its predecessor. The watch, complete with highly functional features: a screw-down, telescopic, retractable crown, which became known as the “T-Crown System”, was another outstanding model. At the same time, Chanel Horlogerie acquired a stake in Bell & Ross.

2000: Chanel Horlogerie increases its stake in the company, but Bell & Ross remains the main shareholder.

2005: The BR 01 is introduced, another “signature line” from Bell & Ross.

2016: Bell & Ross cooperates with the Renault Formula 1 team.

2019: The new BR 05 Skeleton Green is presented. This sporty and elegant collection has quickly become the company’s second icon. This new BR 05 Skeleton Green is the fourth version of the BR 05 Skeleton family.

2023: Today, the Bell & Ross watch brand presents itself as a global company with a dense network of 500 sales outlets in 50 countries around the world. The synthesis of enormous functionality with elegant, stylish design has led to a stable positioning within the highly competitive market.