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Hamilton Khaki Field – Watches that have passed their acid test in combat

Hamilton’s Khaki Field collection is at home in the world of the so-called “Field watches”, i.e. watches that qualify for military use thanks to special characteristics. Field watches are not artfully refined, do not feature complicated complications or come in expensive precious metal cases.

No, on the contrary, field watches have different priorities. Even though there are no criteria carved in stone that ultimately define a field watch, at the end of the day they all have something in common: reliability, robustness, functionality and immediate readability. If you take a quick glance at the past, looking at the historical relevance of Hamilton’s Khaki watches, you will immediately see why:

Hamilton, a brand with American-Swiss DNA, has been around since 1892 and originally made a name for itself with pocket watches, as was customary at the time. Only a few years later, in 1917, the first watches were produced for the US Army on the occasion of the First World War. This cooperation lasted until 1988.

An exciting detail in field watches are the so-called MilSpecs (short for “Military Specifications”, such as the well-known MIL-W-3818B from 1962), which stand for clearly defined US military standards and which serve to maintain and adhere to production standards.

Following on from these eventful decades as a supplier to the US Forces, Hamilton’s current Khaki Field models contain many visual parallels to their historical role models. For example, the hands of the popular current new edition with the reference no. H69429931 feature brown luminous mass, which optically come very close to the aged tritium of the originals.

Traditionally, the watches also have a second stop function (“hacking”), which allows the soldiers in action to synchronize the watches quickly and easily with each other, although this has become the widespread standard for higher-quality mechanical movements over the years. The easily legible digits and hands top it all off.

Hamilton’s Khaki Field watches are the ultimate companions in all situations: uncompromising quality, military flair and reliable movements with a great accuracy.