Omega Seamaster

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Omega Seamaster – The Multifaceted Divers’ Watch

It’s a fruitless endeavor to try and crunch the entire Seamaster variety into a single URL simply because its models are way too diverse. Don’t bother people, we tried already. While the Seamaster Aqua Terra exemplifies elegance and moderation, the Planet Ocean and the Seamaster 300 go all out as the total package in divers’ watch functionality. Visually, the only thing the three share in common is the cursive Seamaster lettering and the famous seahorse emblazed upon their dials.

More than any other collection, the Seamaster series is a playground for technical innovation. Most recently: a master co-axial escapement with a silicon balance spring. Due to its toughness, its cutting edge tech, and its clean styles the Seamaster officially equips 007 on his adventurous missions around the globe. Off-screen, it’s the quintessential embodiment of the modern gentlemen without sacrificing any of its required ruggedness and is one of the favorite watches of high profile celebrities like George Clooney.

Seamaster broken down into numbers – Top 5 Facts

17: The seventeenth James Bond movie

In the 17th James Bond movie, Goldeneye, the most famous secret agent in the world strapped on a timepiece from Omega. By emphasising its historically close cooperation with the British military, Omega eventually won a license bid for the privilege of outfitting the character. In 2015, Bond returned to his origins while wearing a Seamaster 300 in the motion picture Spectre. The version shown in the film, leans towards the historical Omega Seamaster 300 from the 1960s.

8500: The Calibre 8500

Originally only incorporated into the Seamaster collection, the Calibre 8500 is the first watch movement that isn’t impressed by magnet fields up to 15,000 Gauss. Since then, other calibres have been launched outside of the Seamaster series that are also based upon the 8500.

15: Fifteen x non-magnetic

While some manufacturers attempt to create cases that protect the watch from magnet fields, Omega has chosen a different path. It doesn’t apply magnetic materials on crucial points of the watch. In turn, this has significantly increased its resistance to magnet fields (15,000 instead of 1,000 Gauss).

2: Two case features

The helium outlet valve is a technical feature, which controls the intake of helium molecules in the inside of the case and that acts as a ventilation. At the same time, it’s an additional optic that adds to the whole feel of the watch as a genuine divers’ timepiece.

2007: Since 2007

Since 2007, George Clooney is the Omega Ambassador and in his private time off-screen, favours a Seamaster model. He has also been spotted wearing a Ploprof as well as Aqua Terras and Planet Oceans.

A Chronology of the Seamaster

1932: Five years after Rolex produced the first waterproof watch, Omega also followed suit. The models name at the time was “Marine” and was perfect not only for water based activities but also mid-range dives.

1948: Omega launches its first Seamaster that’s produced in a series.

1957: The Seamaster 300 is released. It’s the first in-house modern diver from the brand.

1966: The Omega Seamaster 120 becomes the first diving watch with a date display (the Submariner Date from Rolex follows 3 years later).

1970: After four years of development, the Omega Seamaster 600 Ploprof is launched.

1971: The new Seamaster 100 is presented for the first time.

1972: Omega releases a chronograph with full underwater functionality (the first of its kind was developed by Doxa in 1969).

1995: James Bond wears an Omega Seamaster 300 for the first time in the movie Goldeneye. Ever since then, diverse Seamaster models (most recently an Aqua Terra and a Planet Ocean) have also been a part of his secret agent wrist repertoire.

2005: The Seamaster Planet Ocean is launched.

2008: Three years after the Planet Ocean, the Seamaster collection is expanded by an elegant Aqua Terra model series.

2014: The first master co-axial movement is incorporated into the Seamaster collection.