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Day-Date – The watch of Presidents

On paper it’s a Datejust with a high grade stainless steel case und a weekday display at the 12 position. However, the Day-Date is so much more than just tech specs on a piece of paper. Nor can it be disconnected from those that held the office of the US President, as it’s one of the main reasons why this model is such a legend. Rolex, the master of cryptic PR statements, doesn’t hold back when it comes to portraying the Day-Date as the flagship of its brands portfolio. It symbolizes like no other watch model, success that can be purchased by anyone in the world.

Lyndon B. Johnson often showed off his Day-Date before the cameras, probably the biggest factor why it is widely considered Rolex’s Presidents’ Watch. The rest is US history 101 and multiple Day-Date wearing US Presidents eventually followed in Johnson’s footsteps. Just sit back and imagine for a moment, how many historical moments were serviced by the time plan that this watch provided the leaders of the free world. It’s an impressive list, accompanied by an equally impressive watch.

Day-Date broken down into numbers – Top 5 Facts

2: A maximum of an additional two seconds

All Day-Dates are COSC certified and this ensures that the watch doesn’t lose more than 4 seconds or is faster than 6 seconds a day. Rolex anticipates an even higher accuracy, around an average deviation rate of -2 to +2 seconds.

36: The thirty-sixth President of the United States

A substantial amount of photographic material exists from multiple US Presidents who wore a Rolex Day-Date. However, no other President was photographed with it as often as Lyndon B. Johnson and he’s widely considered the reason for the brand name of the President. Even when its title only pops up in Rolex product catalogues in association with the wrist strap (but not the watch model), it is still affectionately referred to as the Presidents’ Watch.

1,295: 1,295 GBP

The Day-Date was the most expensively made model that was created in large batches already at the beginning of its production in 1956. This changed as the Submariner reference 1680 was offered in yellow gold in 1969. Today, it’s available as an entry-level watch in a stainless steel case. Its accompanying price tag also happens to be the most premium of the entire Rolex collection. In 1970, it was sold for about 1,295,- GBP, which once inflation-adjusted to today’s rates, is about seven times more expensive.

7: Seven weekdays

It is the first wristwatch with a date and a weekday display at the 12 position. This type of indicator has been replicated by several other luxury watch manufacturers. In comparison with its predecessor, the recent Day-Date has a quickset for the date and weekday. Turning it clockwise configures the date, while counter-clockwise changes the weekday.

90: Renewed at ninety percent

The new Day-Date 40 was presented at Baselworld 2015. Its case has been slightly decreased by one millimetre in comparison with the Day-Date II. However, the announcement created a lot of buzz for an entirely different reason. The new generation is equipped with a brand new manufacturer’s calibre known as the 3255, which is a creative turning point for Rolex. Its predecessor was based on the famous 3135 that has been in varying models with an automatic winding mechanism since 1988. The newest version has incorporated the calibre 3255 which has a longer power reserve of 70 hours. A total of 90% of the installed components have been overhauled.

A Chronology of the Day-Date

1956: The Day-Date is integrated into the Rolex collection as a premium series and fitted with a President watch strap and three rows of semi-cylindrical shaped links. This significantly expanded Rolex’s wristwatch collection, which was formerly composed of Oyster and Jubilé variants. Even today, these are still the three most well-known types from Rolex.

1966: During Lyndon Johnson’s term of office, the Day-Date became the Presidents’ Watch.

2008: The Day-Date II increases in size by 5 millimetres and is equipped with the new 3156 calibre.

2015: The Day-Date 40, with a case measurement of 40 mm, is launched. The new calibre 3255 also goes into action for the first time.