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Tudor Black Bay Automatic Grey 39mm


Tudor Black Bay Automatic Blue 39mm


Tudor Heritage Black Bay – Taking heritage at its word

Let’s be honest: Who can’t imagine how this diver’s watch would look on their wrist? Hardly any other brand has brought retro charm into the present day like Tudor and the Black Bay is possibly the best example of this transition. Tudor takes heritage at its word and falls back, alongside Rolex, on the legacy of the Submariner. The form of the hour hand takes a leaf out of the book of the legendary Snowflake, while its indexes are strongly suggestive of the Submariners classic dial design with its lollipop formed pointer. By the same token, the crown stylishly plugs into the famous Tudor “Sub” with its nickname of the “Big Crown”.

Tudor has pulled off a watch that isn’t just defined by its past or the kinship with its predecessors. It’s a bit more of a sporty piece compared to the Pelagos and it will feel immediately right at home when you strap it on. This tiimekeeper doesn’t necessarily have to be splashing around or submerged at low depths in the ocean either (although it’s very capable of it). It’s really one of those models where everyone’s going to find something to gush about it. It even recieves a lot of attention from people that usually don’t know a lot about haute horlogerie. Whomever owns a Black Bay can likely attest to the fact that they are constantly being asked about what watch they are wearing. There’s a reason for that and it’s name is Tudor. In sum: the Black Bay is a sure bet gadget with a lot of vintage flavor.

Heritage Black Bay broken down into numbers – Top 5 Facts

12: Twelve indexes

The second and hour hands of the Black Bay, alongside the second Tudor divers’ watch named Pelagos, evoke the imagery of the Submariner Snowflake. However, its luminous indexes (other than by its sibling), resemble the lollipop version with its dial which is dominated by round forms. In comparison to earlier models from the 60s and 70s, the indexes are in warm, brass coloured tones.

25: Twenty-five jewels

The Black Bay has an ETA 2824 calibre with 25 jewels. Its automatic movement is known for its durability and is frequently implemented into divers’ watches. Tudor modifies the fine adjustment mechanism and its shock protection before the ebauche is constructed. The movements also receive a Tudor finish e.g. the rotor is furnished with a stripe finish.

3: Three different colour variations

The Black Bay has, next to a red bezel, a version in blue, known as the Black Bay Blue. It’s the polar opposite (forgive the pun) to the warmer colours that generally dominate other Tudor types. Since 2015, there’s also a version in black. Regardless of the colour, the case is made of steel. Just as you’d expect from a tool watch with Submariner roots.

2: Goodie – A second watch strap

The case measures in at 41 mm and between the lugs, 22 mm. For everyone, that’s looking for individual style without sacrificing options: along with leather and steel versions, there’s also an additional goodie in the form of a NATO textile watch strap.

200: Water resistant up to two hundred metres

The rounded out sapphire glass edge provides a Plexiglas look. A similar process is also used for the Omega Speedmaster Professional with its sapphire glass. The Tudor Black Bay is water resistant up to 200 metres.

A Chronology of the Heritage Black Bay

1926: Hans Wilsdorf founded Tudor as a subsidary of Rolex.

1954: One year after the Rolex Submariner, the designs of Tudor are presented for the first time. It serves as a basis for the Black Bay, which launched almost 6 decades later.

1958: The crown of the Tudor Submariner, known as the “Big Crown”, is also used as a base for the crown of the Heritage Black Bay.

1969: The famous Snowflake hand is implemented into the Tudor Submariner. Today, it’s one of the biggest style elements of the Heritage Black Bay.

2012: At first only equipped with a red bezel, the Tudor Black Bay is launched.

2014: Due to the success of the Black Bay’s red version, the Black Bay bl.e is brought out on the market in a version with a dark blue bezel.

2015: Tudor participates in the Project Only Watch and with the Heritage Black Bay One, creates the first reference from Rolex, which is only produced once.

2015: The Tudor Black Bay becomes available in a version with a black bezel.

2019: The hotly debated Tudor Black Bay P01 is released at Baselworld.