Swiss Watches with a German heart: Visiting Chronoswiss in Lucerne (Video)

By Montredo in Videos
May 10, 2019
Swiss Watches with a German heart: Visiting Chronoswiss in Lucerne (Video)

“The emotion, in the end, is in the design.” Oliver Ebstein, CEO Chronoswiss

Despite Chronoswiss only making its first appearance as recently as 1983, they have succeeded in quickly developing a very specific style and now boast a loyal community of fans. Renowned for the classic, almost a Breguet-like style, they frequently feature unexpected modern design elements. Other notable features of the brand include the use of Roman numerals, onion crowns and carefully detailed guilloche dials.

Chronoswiss was founded in Munich in 1983 by Gerd-Rüdiger Lang. While working as a watchmaker for TAG Heuer, his position fell victim to the Quartz crisis. He was then presented with replacement parts and movements by former employers as a supposed final wage. At this point, even Gerd-Rüdiger Lang himself was unaware, that these simple watch components would transpire to become the brand, today known as Chronoswiss.

The design element has always played a significant role in the manufacturing of Chronoswiss models. Their watches are polished, glossed and carefully fluted, and a particular importance is attached above all to the fine-drawn details. You would today struggle to find watchmaking conducted to the same standard as the guilloche work done using a 100 year old lathe and the enameling performed by hand. Also, in terms of technical aspects, Chronoswiss presents many features, which aid the aesthetics of the watch. Some models have unique time formats and retrograde displays.