CODE41 DAY41: Unique Skeletonized Watches In A Limited Second Batch

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December 4, 2020
CODE41 DAY41: Unique Skeletonized Watches In A Limited Second Batch

Our regular readers will know that were fans of CODE41. Why? Well, it is actually quite simple and boils down to two factors: The young Swiss newcomers rely on complete price transparency on the one hand and develop truly unique watches on the other hand, while taking into account the wishes of their own community. This concept seems to be well received, as their watches are always sold out in a jiffy.

This is also the reason why a second batch of DAY41 models has just been freshly launched in an edition of 1200 pieces. In this article, we will show you what makes these watches so special and why you might want to be quick if you would like to find the watch under your Christmas tree this year – or ever on your wrist, for that matter.

DAY41 goes into the 2nd round

After the launch of the original DAY41 project in February 2020, all 1,941 pieces (with a total value of 2,185,345 CHF) were sold out quickly. However, the voices after an encore were not long in coming, so this is exactly what CODE41just did.

The original version in 41mm.

On paper, the DAY41 watches are classic three-hand watches, i.e. they do not have any other complications, such as a calendar or a stop function. In reality, however, things look drastically different, as the design language is really anything but classic. Anyone who has read our article on the X41 with peripheral rotor will already be familiar with CODE 41s futuristic design language, which is made use of again now.

Especially the open-worked and skeletonized dial, providing a view of the complete inner mechanics of the watch, is a real highlight. This for example allows you from the dial side to observe the mainspring in the barrel being wound up and the balance wheel calmly oscillating back and forth.

For her and him

In little bit of perspective: The DAY41 had been conceived as a purely ladies’ watch project since day 1, which is still not something to be taken for granted in the watch industry – a point that unfortunately must be raised at this point. After 8 months of vivid voting and with the active participation of the female CODE41 community, the first design was ready at the beginning of this year. This blueprint, by the way, did not contain any flowers or butterflies whatsoever, which must certainly come as a surprise to many watch brands out there.

The watches were not only sold out quickly, but also turned out to be in high demand among men. CODE41 thus did what had to be done: The result is 5 brand-new color variations of the 37mm version (rose gold PVD, anthracite, black PVD, steel and steel with diamonds) and another 3 color variations of the 40mm version.

Tried and tested mechanics

Unlike the inhouse caliber with peripheral rotor used on the X41 models, CODE41’s new DAY41 watches strike more traditional tones again. Do not be fooled into thinking, however, that this makes them any less exciting. Instead, the watches make use of an automatic caliber, in which a concentrically mounted rotor charges the spring via the motion of the wearer.

More precisely, the caliber in question is the STP6-15 from the Swiss company Swiss Technology Production. Although this company was only founded in 2006, it quickly became a serious alternative to ETA and Sellita and convinces with its great value for money.

The STP6-15 is a high-quality automatic caliber and essentially a skeletonized version of the STP1-11. This is again based on the ETA classic 2824. Through techniques like glossing, polishing or micro-beading, the movement is beautifully spruced up. Apart from the visual aspects, the technical data for everyday use are not any less convincing – especially in view of the called price of the watch, but more on this later. Instead of the usual 40-hour power reserve, the STP6-15 boasts a 44-hour power reserve and is regulated in a whopping five positions (as opposed to the usual three).

DAY41 (2nd generation) at a glance:

  • Case diameter: Optionally 37mm or 40mm
  • Case height: 10.5mm
  • Case material: 316L stainless steel
  • Strap: Quick-change leather strap
  • Movement: Automatic
  • Caliber: STP6-15 (adjusted in 5 position)
  • Power reserve: 44h
  • Water resistance: 100m
  • RRP: Starting from 1,190 €

Just in time for Christmas

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, CODE41 watches are usually only available in small batches. This unfortunately makes them sold out quickly, although we should probably say fortunately, as this prevents surplus stock and waste. Therefore, this might now the last chance to get your hands on a DAY41 for the foreseeable future.

In a limited batch of 1200 watches, 800 pieces are guaranteed to reach the happy customer before Christmas. The remaining 400 will follow in January 2021.

Pre-order slots are open now and last until December 18th, 2020.

Availability and more about CODE41

If you want to quickly secure one of the few remaining slots, you can do so under the following link.

If you would first like to learn more about the Swiss newcomers and their unconventional approach, we recommend our articles about the brand (here) or about the X41 made of AeroCarbon (here).

This is a sponsored article by Montredo for CODE41.

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  1. I love what Code41 has been up to lately, nice watches with a fair (& transparent) price tag! A step into the right direction for the industry imo.

    December 7, 2020
  2. The STP is definitely a solid, albeit not on eye level with Sellita or ETA.
    But given that the STP6-15 is skeletonized by stp already, that step makes sense!

    December 9, 2020
  3. Solid watch with outstanding design. Good job, keep going

    December 12, 2020
  4. I have a 16cm wrist and would probably pick the 37mm version, just looks more harmonious imo.

    December 16, 2020