CODE41 NB24: The Swiss Chronograph Returns With a Second Edition

By Montredo in Lifestyle
November 25, 2021
CODE41 NB24: The Swiss Chronograph Returns With a Second Edition

To meet the constant demand of its members, CODE41 has decided to offer their community a second edition of the NB24 chronograph.

Pre-orders start now under the following link.

CODE41 Plays by Different Rules

CODE41 is more than a brand, it is a movement. Their goal is to make the creation of a watch an extraordinary adventure in which everyone can participate. The Swiss company plays in a different league, relying on two core principles that make it truly unique. The first is the value it places on community. The watches are to be understood as a community project, created through the input of many thousands of watch enthusiasts. The society now boasts over 300,000 fans, who actively help design new watches and make their own opinions known. The second principle is their claim of complete transparency. A label called Total Transparency on Origin (TTO for short) was created by CODE41 to show without restraint where costs are incurred and how the low final price of the watch is ultimately achieved.

The Great Success of the Swiss Chronograph Creates Demand for a Second Edition

With this philosophy in mind, true masterpieces of watchmaking can only be created because the passion for this high art is felt in every aspect of the brand. The N24 chronograph is a case in point. This model, launched by CODE41 in April 2020, broke pre-order records. However, the enthusiasm of its members had not yet been quenched, which is why CODE41 has decided to offer a second edition to the community.

The Strengths of the NB24 Edition 2

The NB24 Edition 2 is the watch for those seeking precision, performance and robustness without sacrificing inimitable design. Its skeletonized movement, visible peripheral oscillating weight and unique design give it a strong identity. For this 2nd edition, the label has taken the architecture of the famous “Valjoux” 7750 movement and modified it by moving the counters, redesigning the bridges and adding a peripheral weight on the dial side. The advantage of this exclusive movement is obvious: by using an existing base whose reliability has been optimised over many years, the troublesome problems of youth are avoided. With the exception of the spring and the jewels, all components are manufactured in-house, which means that this watch is more than just “Swiss made”.

For a watch to be “Swiss made”, at least 60% of its value must come from Switzerland, the movement must also come from Switzerland and finally it must be assembled in Switzerland. The NB24 achieves up to 85% of these needs (which is very rare) and thus far exceeds the “Swiss made” requirements.

Another plus point of this watch is undoubtedly its material composition. Instead of choosing a “simple” carbon fibre, CODE41 has used the best of the best for this new model. The case of the AeroCarbon is therefore made of a high-density carbon fibre used in the aerospace industry, whose blocks consist of over 300 layers, each arranged at a 90° angle to the other and compressed under 10 bar pressure in an autoclave oven. The result is a material that is almost three times more resistant to bending than steel and twice lighter than titanium. The NB24 is also available in grade 5 titanium, which is twice as resistant as steel and offers very fine finishing details.

Finally, the peripheral flywheel mass deserves a special mention. It is a true technical masterpiece, mastered only by a few brands today. To best showcase its beauty on the NB24, CODE41 has decided to make it visible on the dial side – a unique feature that makes this model even more precious!

Luckily, for those who have already fallen in love with this beautiful chronograph, pre-orders are now open until 16th December 2021 and delivery is scheduled for October 2022. Please click here to place your order today!