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Baume & Mercier - Tradition and Innovation

... is what defines Baume & Mercier. Classics are launched in reinvented new designs and women's models frequently gain dominance in the focus of the collections. In 2015, the American racing legend Carroll Shelby joined as a partner in the brand and her contribution culminates in a limited edition of the Capeland watches, the Shelby Cobra, which is named after the famous sports car. Founded by two brothers, Louis-Victor and Célestin Baume in the Swiss canton of Jurain 1921 the company expanded internationally and acquired numerous precision records under the name "Frères Baume" (brothers Baume). In the roaring 20’s the company came forth in support of the emancipation of women. The launch of a dedicated women's collection in the 1940’s created a significant stir in the industry about the brand and to this day Baume & Mercier puts great emphasis on femininity. The current collections carry coordinated models for women and men and many offer that special extra detail, like color split dials for men or interchangeable wrap bracelets for women. No matter how versatile and innovative they become, all models proudly represent their heritage, exceptional quality in the traditional watchmaking craft and mechanics.

Baume & Mercier Collections


The best word to describe the Classima collection is timeless. Two-tone models, stainless steel or 18 k gold, the streamlined shape and Roman numerals are their main features, as well as the date display at the 3 o'clock mark. The line is a showpiece for the brand defining balance and finesse. In 2015 the company launched a revised collection of their classic 39 and 42 mm diameters and added 40 mm models for men. Elegance meets understatement in this line which appeals to both sexes. The Classima collection is available for ladies in 31 and 36.5 mm cases depending on the model of choice. The finish is polished stainless steel, adorned with a diamond-set Bezel or they are bicolored with 18 Carat rose gold. The collection also features white or mother of pearl dials with roman numerals and sun guilloche work.

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The Hampton collection is a throwback to the 1940’s, expressed in vintage rectangular shape which are reminiscent of the original models of that era. It is the watch for those who do not want to bow to convention. Strict lines meet soft curves, contrasts that are carefully dosed to just peak curiosity and restrained enough for a luxury watch for all occasions. The material of choice for gentlemen and ladies is stainless steel which may be paired with luxurious alligator or calf leather bands and dials with Arabic numerals. The collection offers mechanical and quartz movements.

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The Capeland collection plays on the charm of the past in a sporty fashion. The subtle traditional design of these chronographs makes this line a favorite for fans of versatility. They make the perfect gift for adventurers and travelers. Capeland means "escape" and can also be translated as “travel” or “trip”. This collection is practical, functional, and aesthetically sophisticated. A unique twist is the sapphire glass bottom, which reveals the movement.

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Satin, stainless steel or leather, shimmering mother-of-Pearl, diamonds and beautiful lunettes with Arabic numerals denote the women's collection Linea. In genuine Baume & Mercier fashion, the line is reminiscent of models from the 1950s’. Reinterpreted with a modern appeal, the Linea watches are versatile and exciting with the underlying elegance that defines the brand. Depending on the occasion, fashion and mood, you can quickly swap out the bracelet and design individually to your personal taste.

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Color and shape play a significant role in the Promesse collection. This newer line shows another side of the Swiss watchmaker, playful and daring, with orange leather straps and wrap around bracelets, with dials free of numbers and markers or complete with moon phase. The line is modern, full of sophisticated elements and has an almost poetic appearance. Promesse watches are feminine and functional and fit every daily occasion with style. They are mostly round, waterproof and equipped with sapphire glass.

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The inspiration for this collection is a museum model that dates back to the initial founding of Baume & Mercier. This line is characterised by traditional forms and construction such as the slightly arched dial and the hand-applied numerals. The "Clifton" collection is a proud representation of Baume & Mercier’s signature traits: technical finesse, know-how and functionality. The mechanical movements in this line are equipped with a calendar and a second time zone and offer versatility for everyday use.

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Why You Should Get a Baume & Mercier Watch?

So why choose a watch by Baume & Mercier? Because you are assured to get the best in Swiss quality and tradition, as well as exquisitely understated modern design. These watches are an affordable luxury and coveted pieces of jewelry without frills or exaggeration. The long history of the House Baume & Mercier is proof for the success of their style strategy. Their openness to enter new partnership, master change and venture into new territory makes you crave more. Baume & Mercier has established a name that is synonymous with sophistication, refined design as well as outstanding craftsmanship all over the world.


Baume & Mercier in Numbers


7 as in seventh-oldest brand in the watchmaker's craft, the Geneva based company looks back on over 180 years of legacy, craftsmanship and history.


The family-owned company was founded in 1830 by two brothers in a small Swiss village.


In the Golden 20’s Baume & Mercier promoted and campaigned for women’s rights


1921 marks the start of the international expansion for Baume & Mercier including India, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Burma.


The company was honored with the largest international award - the "Poinçon de Genève" or "Geneva seal", a seal of quality for exceptionally demanding craftsmanship.

Baume & Mercier: a Chronology

1830: The foundation for the family venture is laid in Les Bois, a small village in the Swiss Jura region, when the brothers Louis Victor and Célestin Baume opened their comptoir horloger (watch business).

1851: The watchmakers expanded under the name "Baume Brothers" and opened a branch in London. This was followed by an expansion throughout the entire British Empire, including India, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Burma. In the late 19th century, Baume & Mercier became a major player in the American watchmaking industry.

1918: Just before the 1920s, William Baume and Paul Mercier merged their businesses and created the brand Baume & Mercier, Genève.
Paul Mercier knew that a company does best, if it lives by its time and has a willingness for change. Hence, during the roaring 20s’, the women’s emancipation movement became the main source of inspiration for the brand.

1940’s: Baume & Mercier launched one of its most successful models: the ladies watch Marquise.

1950’s and 1960’s: The Company launched timeless chronographs with a design concept that focuses on balance. This emphasis is still expressed today by the Greek letter PHI in the Baume & Mercier logo.

1988: When acquired by the Richemont Group in 1988 the brand collection expanded with models such as Hampton and Linea. They prevail today as the successful flagship lines for the company.

Baume & Mercier Aficionados

Baumer & Mercier has always enjoyed popularity on the red carpets of the world. Well-known actors make up the largest group among the brand’s celebrity following. Hollywood actors, such as Kiefer Sutherland, Kim Basinger, David Duchovny and Teri Hatcher wear the brand on their wrists and are outspoken fans. You can spot younger actors at film premieres with a Baume & Mercier watch as well, like Zac Efron and Emmanuelle Chriqui with the Linea or Classima watch.