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Corum - Classy & Occasionally Unconventional

Crazy in the best way possible. With watch models molded in the likeness of Chinese straw huts, 20 Dollar gold coins, or even the grill of a Rolls-Royce, there’s nothing Corum won’t try out.

This brand first saw the light of day in the Swiss watch city La Chaux-de-Fonds back in 1955. Both founders, René Bannwart und Simone Ries, concentrated their entire focus on high quality craftsmanship and a spectacular appearance for their collection.

By combining innovative technology with amazing designs, Corum created an exceptionally unique, baguette shaped watch movement that is the engine within the Bridge series of watches. This brand made a name for itself with its Admiral’s Cup collection whose dials had nautical flags as well as a 12 sided notched bezel.

A Corum watch's visual appearance is always a real looker, regardless if it’s either one of the more representative or eccentric timepieces.