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Eterna - Miniaturised Calibers & Maximized Prosperity

Eterna’s never been conventional. Founded in the Swiss Jura by the “Duo Infernale” Josef Girard and Urs Schild, this company has been shaking up the watch industry from its very beginnings. This Swiss producer headquartered in Grenchen is a forerunner, especially in the development of miniature sized, automatic watch movements.

In the meantime, Eterna has put on a very impressive display of a wide variety of wristwatches. The robust KonTiki and Tangaroa models represent the thrill of dangerous expeditions, while the Adventic and the Vaughan emanate an air of sophistication.

The Centenaire series and 1948 have a vintage design allure and the Heritage collection presents the classics of the Eterna’s long history in a new light. Some Madison models with a manual winding mechanism are on display, as well as the Contessa series with its angular cases. However, the latter is powered by a quartz movement e.g. the Artena.