Girard Perregaux

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Girard Perregaux - Historical Precision

Hardly any other company has been able to leave such a lasting impression on the world of watches as Girard-Perregaux.

After it had already decorated itself with the highest precision record, this long-established Swiss manufacturer created a real masterpiece at the end of the 19th century. This tourbillon with three gold bridges wasn’t allowed to participate in the competition due to reasons of fairness, because it was widely considered that its accuracy simply couldn’t be matched. A reissued version honours this unique creation in the Haute Horlogerie collection.

Bismarck was in top military form as the German Marine ordered 2000 wristwatches form this Swiss watchmaker. It was also the first order for a series production of wristwatches in history altogether.

Nowadays, Girard-Perregaux delivers directly to the horsepower icon Ferrari, creates special versions for the Laureus Sport Foundation, and really shines with its angular shaped Vintage, along with the globetrotter the Traveller, the classic GP 1966, or the sporty Hawk.