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Graham - Bombastic!

Even though it’s headquartered in the Swiss watch city of La Chaux-de-Fonds, this extravagant brand named itself after the famous English watchmaking genius, George Graham.

Its somewhat materialistic assortment really captures the essence of the time. Case dimensions have been created to be as large as possible. The hands, pushers, the protected crown, the dial: everything larger, imposing, and bombastic.

However, when you peek behind the curtains, there’s a substantial amount of watch craftsmanship at work here. Watch movements of the dependable kind and an entire series with Chronometer quality are attributed to Graham handiwork: even a shock proof tourbillon. The latter was actually incorporated into the Geo.Graham series, as well as Silverstone chronographs with tachymeters and the Chronofighter with guard protection over its crown. Other highlights are the divers’ watch from the ProDive collection, the Swordfish Booster, as well as the limited editions in the Partnership series. All Graham wristwatches share one thing in common though: their oversized case dimension.