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HUBLOT – The Art of Fusion

The legend began in 1975, when Hublot’s founder, Carlo Crocco, asked a designer to create a watch that expresses the marine life style of a yacht owner. The designer then drew inspiration of the first Hublot watches from the porthole of a ship. The porthole is also how the Brand got its name, as the word “Hublot” literally means “porthole” in French. In 2005, the Brand reinterpreted this design and landed two ground-breaking successes with the Big Bang and the Classic Fusion lines. The popularity of these watches can be attributed to infusing their classics-oriented design with novel elements as well as to their utmost robustness and the brand’s insistence in using only the finest, and in some cases proprietary materials. In 2004, industry veteran Jean-Claude Biver joined Hublot as the Company’s CEO and board member. Biver’s entry into Hublot has ushered in a new era of success for the Brand. In 2005, the Big Bang collection was launched under Biver’s leadership. The result was an immediate success that fared well in the market, as well as gaining prestigious watchmaking accolades including the “Geneva Watchmaking Grandprix”. The brand has since regained its prominence and the Big Bang’s popularity continues to grow and has cultivated a strong following amongst watch aficionados around the world. In design competitions, Hublot wins awards regularly for its characteristic combination of daring and sophisticated materials such as carbon, ceramic, titanium and tantalum with E.G. Hublots specially developed King Gold, an 18-carat gold alloy that has a hardness rating which compares to steel.

Hublot Collections

Classic Fusion

The models of the Classic Fusion collection by Hublot represent the smoother and more conservative designs of the brand. The watches come in many variations, starting with the simple three-handed watch and up to the skeletonized chronograph or complications such as moon phase and power reserve indicator. As all Hublot watches, the Classic Fusion models impress with their characteristic combination of special materials such as carbon, titanium, ceramics and King Gold, even dials in leather. The line also includes one or the other entry-level model in the low four-digit range.

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Big Bang

The Big Bang series represents the heart and mainstay of the brand and with certainty, it is one of the most extravagant watch collections on the market. Among others, models like the Big Unico Bang, head turning luxury watches with housings made of sapphire crystal or the racecar sport inspired designs produced in cooperation with Ferrari Racing, will enthuse every watch lover with a penchant for sporty timepieces. With complications from the perpetual calendar to a tourbillon with five days of power reserve, the Big Bang, the initiator and origin of all things, is the first choice.

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Why should I buy a Hublot watch?

If you are interested in buying one of the Hublot luxury watches, we recommend taking a model from the first BIG BANG collection under consideration. Big Bang is the most popular series of the brand with good reason. These watches are characterised by a variety of distinctive dial-designs and a well calibrated balance between classic exclusivity and eye catching sportiness. If you would like a highly exclusive watch we advise a Tourbillon watch by Hublot.This complication is the Holy Grail of watchmaking and represents the pinnacle of mechanical developments in the Watch World. If you like a more discreet watch then a model of the CLASSIC FUSION lineis your best choice. Here you will find classic design coupled with the distinctive Hublot elements, such as the H-shaped screws and the combination of gold and rubber.


Hublot in Numbers

5 as in Five Million Dollars

In 2013, Hublot presented a diamond-studded watch which was offered for the stunning price of five million dollars for sale. A masterpiece, which is adorned with 1200 diamonds of many different cuts combining to a total weight of 140 CT. Six precious stones weigh more than three carats each. A 17-member team of specialists worked for 14 months on this project, to create the most expensive wristwatch in the world then.

6 as in Six H-shaped Screws

Since Carlo Crocco ordered the first design for the company, the screws play a fundamental role in the design of all models of the Hublot brand. The first design was modelled after the porthole of a yacht, so the bezel was fastened to the housing with multiple rivets. All modern designs feature exactly six of the signature screws. The screwheads are smartly designed to show an "H" on their face to represent the brand with the first letter of its name.

18 as in 18 CT

Hublot is an innovator within the watch industry and is unceasingly researching new materials and combinations. In the tradition of the "art of fusion", the company created its proprietary King Gold which today is featured in all Hublot collections. This gold alloy consists of fine gold in a 750/1000 ratio and earns the designation 18-carat gold. However, the most impressive feature lies in the properties of this particular alloy. It is as hard as steel and at the same time it offers the value, looks and luxury of gold. A real innovation.

Hublot – a Chronology

1975: Founder Carlo Crocco commissioned the first design by Hublot.

1980: Hublot is founded with the vision to combine Italian design ingenuity with Swiss watchmaking expertise. The first watch of the brand is unveiled at the Basel fair as the first luxury watch using gold and rubber together.

2004: Jean-Claude Biver assumes the leadership of Hublot as new CEO.

2005: The Big Bang collection is launched.

2007: The first exclusive Hublot boutique opens.

2008: Takeover by LVMH.

2012: Ricardo Guadeloupe becomes new CEO.

2014: Official timekeeper of the soccer World Cup in Brazil.

Hublot Aficionados

Hublot partners with international stars of the sports world such as Usain Bolt, golfer Dustin Johnson and soccer star Pelé. Also, Hublot maintains a cooperation agreement with the car manufacturer Ferrari.