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Oris - Timepieces for the Adventurers

Founded in 1904, Oris made its name in watchmaking with its signature Red Rotor and its slogan “High Mech” .Named after a local stream and valley near the idyllic town Hölstein in Switzerland, the watches from Oris are still manufactured right there to this day. The brand’s Swiss origin is not only reflected in their heritage and the name, but of course also in the Brand’s craftsmanship and commitment to quality. Oris focuses on continuous research and development for their timepieces, primarily the functions of their men’s watches. Oris watches are made for adventurers, those who are not afraid of pushing the boundaries. The Aquis dive watch and the Big Crown are superbly fit to meet the extreme demands of such endeavors.

Oris dedicates itself to producing affordable mechanical watches that last for generations. It all started, when Paul Cattin and Georges Christian bought the Uhrenfabrik Lohner & Co. in 1904. After just seven years since the Company’s foundation, Cattin & Christian already employed 300 locals and started to rapidly expand their operation. In 1925, Oris began to shift their focus from pocket watches to wrist watches, as the latter started to gain popularity among customers. When the Company‘s co-founder Georges Christian passed away in 1927, Jacques-David LeCoultre, the grandson of Antoine LeCoultre (Jaeger-LeCoultre’s founder), became the new Chairman of the Board. Despite the changes in management, innovation remains at the core of Oris’ operation. The Brand’s passion for innovations has enabled them to always stay ahead of the competition and led them through turbulent times, such as the “Swiss Watch Statute” (1934), a legislation which aimed at regulating the watch industry by, forbidding watch manufacturers to introduce new technologies without an official approval. However, Oris’ watchmakers did not let this setback discourage their efforts and continued their expansion to break new grounds in watchmaking. Eventually Oris opened their own dial factory and in 1938, the Brand was able to present their first pilot's watch

Oris Collections

Oris Aquis

This dive watch combines everyday practicality with superior Swiss watchmaking quality. It is extremely robust and would not fail to impress with its well thought-out design.

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Oris Divers

A distinct sports retro-look with a touch of elegance characterises this collection.

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Oris Artelier

This collection ticks houses Oris’ own calibres and they are the perfect watches for a special occasion or the office. The Oris Artelier Skeleton is moreover the first timepiece of the Brand that features a see-through case back.

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Oris Artix

The contemporary yet iconic design takes centre stage in this line, while not cutting any corners.

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Oris Rectangular

Thanks to its rectangular design, the Oris Rectangular is easily distinguishable from all other collections within the Oris product range.

Oris Classic

This family of round, three-handed watches is Oris’ answer to a classy dress watch. If timeless sophistication is to your liking, this may just be the watch for you.

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Oris Big Crown Pro Pilot

In addition to the outstanding design with all the functionalities, this watch offers all the features one could possibly wish for in a pilot’s watch. Needless to mention, the inclusion of the professional altimeter would rival any professional aircraft instrument there is.

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Oris Big Crown

The signature collection from Oris presents a tasteful hint of vintage and is packed with innovative features.

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Oris Williams

This collection is the result of a partnership with Williams’ Formula 1 racing team and attracts motor and watch fans equally. It features orange indices that glow in the dark.

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Why should I buy an Oris watch?

Although the superior Swiss watchmaking quality suffices as an argument for the purchase, Oris timepieces embody a timeless, discreet charm. Their watches are also fairly priced. In addition to that, Oris is renowned for its excellent craftsmanship and innovation. To this day, Oris works independently and is unfazed by short-lived trends. The privately-owned company comes out ahead, even during difficult times like the Quartz Crisis in the 70s. Oris produces exclusive mechanical watches, that are the sporty and timeless. They are particularly suitable for those who value understatement, skilful craftsmanship and innovation. This is made evident by Oris’ pioneering innovation to integrate the depth measuring function into the glass cover of the Aquis depth Gauge Edition Chronos, allowing the diver to see his fluctuating depth during an excursion.


Oris in Numbers

1000 m

The Carlos Coste Limited Edition is waterproof to 1000 m.


Oris developed the Calibre 110 from scratch in celebration of its 110th anniversary.


10-day power reserve is provided by the in-house Oris Calibre 100.


This is the number of in-house calibres that have been produced by Oris over the years.

1.5 Million

1.5 million Oris watches were launched into the market at affordable price points to stay afloat during the 1974 Quartz Crisis.

Oris: A Chronology

1904: Oris is founded by Paul Cattin and Georges Christian in the Swiss town of Hölstein after they acquire the Uhrenfabrik Lohner & Co.

1906: Opening of an assembly plant and a second factory.

1911: Just 7 years after its founding the company employs 300 employees.

1925: Launch of the first Oris wristwatches.

1927: Georges Christian dies.

1928: Oscar Herzog takes over the business for 43 years.

1936: Oris starts a dial production plant.

1938: Movements are manufactured in-house and the Big Crown is launched.

1940: The industry suffers at the time of the Second World War and the production shifts to alarm clocks.

1945: Oris receives an award for excellent accuracy.

1970: Presentation of the first chronograph "Chronoris".

1982: After the demise of the company as a result of the quartz crisis Dr. Rolf Portmann and Ulrich W. Herzog agree to a management buyout. Shortly after the founding of the new Oris AG, they manifest that the company will no longer produce quartz works and focus entirely on mechanical watches instead.

1990: Oris brands the High-Mech slogan to strengthen their commitment to quality and integrity.

2010: Presentation of the safety buckle, which will keep the watch on your wrist even when the clasp opens.

2015: Oris introduces the Calibre 111. In addition to all the functions of the Calibre 110, it offers a date display which gives rise to a new group of complications.

Oris Aficionados

Oris watches are popular among a wide range of athletes and celebrities. Famous examples are the Williams Formula 1 driver Valtteri Bottas, who even got his own limited edition of 770 pieces. Further known fans of the brand are the diver Carlos Coste ,the Formula 1 driver Nico Rosberg and the actors Meg Ryan and Keanu Reeves.