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Raymond Weil - Swiss quality watches inspired by music

The year is 1976. The quartz crisis reached its peak with the result that cheaper and more precise quartz movements flooded the market. Entire companies had to close their doors forever. Mechanical movements were widely abandoned - at least for the time being.

An entire industry got caught up in turmoil, but one unflinching watchmaker could not be deterred from realizing his dream. So, it was that Raymond Weil who decided in the same year to found his own eponymous watch company.

Weil's son-in-law, Olivier Bernheim, joined the company in 1982 after successfully working in marketing for several global brands. After 20 years at the top of the company, it finally came as it had to: Weil handed over operational management to Bernheim in 1996. It is thanks to him, with his entrepreneurial spirit and strategic vision, that the brand has enjoyed sustained growth throughout the world in the 18 years that he has served as President. Bernheim's creative phase also saw the establishment of an independent R&D department. His sons Pierre and Elie Bernheim followed him into the company in 2006.

The latter took over the entrepreneurial legacy in 2014 after his father desisted from keeping his CEO position. Elie Bernheim, just like his father and grandfather, is an enthusiastic musician. Thus, music has been a leitmotif of the corporate philosophy since day one. The result is a multitude of collections that are entirely dedicated to music and pay tribute to the greatest musicians of our time: Collections like Amadeus, based on the world-famous Austrian composer Mozart, or Fidelio, Beethoven's only opera, show this.

Raymond Weil – Collections:


This collection is named after the world-famous composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Just like his music, the watches symbolize elegance and timeless beauty.

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Don Giovanni

Don Giovanni is a masterpiece of Mozart's opera. The watches in the eponymous collection are just as masterly. With their well-proportioned rectangular case forms, completely in keeping with the classical language of form, and discreet colour combinations, Don Giovanni watches are very traditionally designed.

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The Freelancer collection is probably the brand's greatest success story and a worldwide bestseller. For the men's collection, everything watch is automatic, demonstrating the brand’s watchmaking expertise in the form of sporty, elegant three-hand watches and chronographs. The collection moreover pays homage to Raymond Weil, who died in 2014.

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The Jasmine collection was created in celebration of the brand's 35th birthday. Designed as a pure ladies' watch, the cornerstones of the collection are reduced diameters and the use of mother-of-pearl, rose gold or diamonds. Perfect for more delicate wrists.

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Maestro watches stand for classic understatement at its best. Contemporary case sizes, Roman numerals and blued Breguet hands make these watches elegant companions on the wrist.

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Nabucco watches, named after an opera by Verdi, are known for their masculine appearance. Whether it’s the use of carbon fiber and titanium or a case diameter of 46mm, everything indicates here that it is an impressive men's collection.

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Noemia is another women's collection. The stainless-steel cases range from 24-32mm in size and have elegantly rounded lugs. The subtle use of colour nuances on the dial as well as mother-of-pearl and gold accents round off the feminine appearance.

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The Othello collection was launched in 1986 on the occasion of the company's tenth anniversary. Its ultra-flat timepieces embody a successful blend of avant-garde technology and refinement.

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Absolute elegance, contemporary lines, original design and always at the centre of current trends: Parsifal watches by Raymond Weil.

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As the name already suggests, Shine watches are made for the grand entrance. The collection is characterized in particular by the interchangeable wristband system and the use of precious stones that make the watches sparkle wonderfully.

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Tango watches are true all-round talents. With their elegant five-member bracelets, reliable quartz movements and classic designs, a Tango watch is never a bad idea.

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Watches in the Toccata collection are characterized in particular by their stylistically reduced and clear lines. Due to the clean dial layout with only two hands, Toccata watches are predestined to shine especially on formal occasions.

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Committed to tradition: The Tradition collection convinces with its harmonious and refined appearance, which perfectly embodies the company's watchmaking heritage.

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Raymond Weil – in Numbers

1212: Postcode 1212

With the calibre RW1212, the first movement developed entirely in-house was launched on the market, in collaboration with Raymond Weil's watch movement partner Sellita. The number 1212 stands for the postal code of Grand-Lancy, the company's headquarters.

1976: Founded in 1976

In the midst of the turmoil of the quartz crisis, watchmaker Raymond Weil founds his own watch company.

50: 50%

According to Raymond Weil, the distribution of customers is very balanced: 50% men, 50% women. This is extremely rare, but can be easily explained at a first glance at the collections, as there are surprisingly many separate women's collections.

1000-2000: On average CHF 1000-2000

Unlike other Swiss brands, the brand's core business lies in the price range between 1,000 and 2,000 Swiss Francs, positioning it in the affordable luxury segment, which is well received by many customers.

3: Third generation

Elie Bernheim, grandson of Raymond Weil, now successfully manages the company of the same name in the third generation. This makes the brand one of the few remaining privately owned Swiss luxury watch brands.

Raymond Weil – Chronology

1976: Despite the quartz crisis, Raymond Weil founds his own watch brand.

1994: The award-winning advertising campaign Precision Movements, known for its dancers in the air, portrays the identity of the brand.

1999: A specially developed department is now used for research & development. This department was, for example, in charge of the development of the patented interchangeable wristband system of the Shine women's collection.

2006: Elie and Pierre Bernheim are appointed to the company on the occasion of their 30th anniversary.

2008: For love for music: Ramyond Weil has been an official BRIT Awards partner since 2008.

2009: The women's collection Noemia is launched.

2011: The Jasmine collection is released on the occasion of the company’s 35th birthday.

2014: Elie Bernheim, the grandson of the founder himself, takes over the operational management of the company and becomes CEO after the death of his grandfather.

2016: The brand can now look back on a 40-year history.


Why buy a watch from Raymond Weil?

These days, Raymond Weil is one of the few remaining Swiss luxury watch manufacturers that is still independent. Over the decades, Raymond Weil has developed into a true lover's brand synonymous with reliability, quality and precision. These values are particularly well received by collectors, who have appreciated the brand for over 50 years now. So, if you are interested in a quality watch from a highly respected traditional Swiss brand, you will definitely find what you are looking for at Raymond Weil. The wide range includes numerous unique collections, ensuring that there is something for every watch enthusiast.


Noteworthy Commitment - For the love of music

Anyone who says "Raymond Weil" must also say "music". The latter has now become an indelible component of brand DNA and has become an integral part of the corporate philosophy. From the founding father himself, to Olivier Berhnheim, to his son Elie, the current CEO, they are all passionate music enthusiasts.

In fact, Raymond Weil is the only watch brand that uses music as inspiration for its watch designs. It's therefore no surprise that the brand has already dedicated a few special editions to great musicians. The most famous are without a doubt David Bowie, The Beatles, Buddy Holly and Frank Sinatra.

But instruments also flow into the form language of the watches, as the Nabucco Cello Tourbillon, launched in 2015, impressively demonstrates. In addition to a tourbillon complication, four cello strings span across the dial and the visible bridges are reminiscent of the instrument's sound holes. The bezel reminds of staff lines.