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Vulcain – An Alarm Watch becomes the Presidents’ Watch

In 1947, the worldwide first genuine wristwatch alarm was presented in New York’s Waldorf Astoria Hotel. The watch world then turned upside down and in the blink of an eye, the Vulcain Cricket became the hottest luxury watch commodity in the United States. It’s been rumoured that even a few Pateks were traded in for a Cricket and that says a lot about its popularity. Since then, innumerable Cricket movements in a wide variety of references have hit the market and the Cricket has become the first choice of multiple US Presidents.

The historical proximity to the White House has manifested itself in the most recent collection embodied in the 50s Presidents’ Watch. Out of all the Crickets, the Cricket Nautical might be the most famous model. It’s one of the first diver-alarm hybrids and at the same time, the first that had a water resistance of up to 300 metres. Today, it’s an extremely sought after timepiece and can easily go for a five figure price at auctions. Even when the name Vulcain is inseparable from alarm watches, from its very beginnings, the brand has also been one of the most renowned producers of high grade, three-hand watches and chronographs.

Vulcain Collections

50s Presidents’

Vulcain is inseparably linked together with the history of multiple US Presidents of the 20th century and it pays homage to this relationship with its 50s Presidents’ collection. This series offers an alarm watch equipped with the famous Cricket calibre (once the first choice of US Presidents), alongside chronographs, a moon phase calendar, as well as simple three hand watches. For all those with smaller wrist dimensions and for anyone who appreciates vintage timepieces, the 50s Presidents’ line is also offered with a case measurement of 39 mm.

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Nautical Cricket

Without a shadow of doubt, the Nautical Cricket is a classic timekeeper. It’s one of the first alarm divers' as well as one of the first altogether that can survive a depth of 300 metres. Even when the Nautical Cricket was launched after the Jaeger-LeCoultre Deep Sea Alarm, it’s still often assumed that the Cricket was the first one to survive an actual field test. Cooperating together with the free diver Hannes Keller, Vulcain created a display for required decompression stops during dives. It still remains a very iconic piece, due to its very recognisable design that hasn’t changed much over the years. 


The Cricket calibre V-10 with a time zone module was incorporated into the Aviator collection of watches. The result is a beautiful aviator watch that serves to remind its wearer of important appointments. The alarm and a second time zone also provide additional functionality, which can aid well-traveled watch enthusiasts with a full calendar of appointments.

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The Cloisonne collection is the kind of craftsmanship that is not often practiced by other watch manufacturers. The result are timekeepers with beautiful and unique dials that won’t lose any of their allure over the decades.

Anniversary Heart

The Anniversary Heart collection forms a small series of skeleton watches equipped with Cricket calibres. They’re the perfect kind of showcase that the Cricket calibre isn’t just a legend, but is also expertly finished.


Vulcain broken down into numbers

34: Thirty-four millimetres

34 millimetres is the case diameter of the first Vulcain Cricket models. In 1947, with its resounding and yet small movement it literally caused a revolution in the world of wearable alarms. It was also the very first that was a perfect fit for an alarm wrist watch due to its befitting dimensions.

2: Two barrels

The Cricket calibre has a second barrel that functions as an energy storage for its mechanical alarm function. Therefore, using the alarm has no impact on the actual power reserve of the watch.

1981: 1981 pieces

In 2011, 1981 pieces of the legendary Nautical Cricket were produced. The watch very much resembles the first Nautical Cricket and employs the manufacture calibre V-10. Compared with other diving watches, the Nautical Cricket has been faithful to its origins by equipping hesalite glass. According to Vulcain, in comparison with sapphire glass, the alarm function sounds off considerably louder and ensures that the mechanical alarm can be heard both above and below water.

32: Thirty-two Spanish championship titles

Product placement didn’t play a big role in sports in the 1930s. However, even back then, Vulcain was already the outfitter for both Real Madrid and the Italian national football team. Vulcain chronographs were even used for stopping the time of training cycles.

600: Six hundred degree Celcius

Vulcain is the perfect fit for anyone searching for a one of a kind timepiece. In its Cloisonne collection, Vulcain pays tribute to its unique history of enameling watches. Ever since its beginnings, this art has played a significant role as a Vulcain element of design, in which varying materials play a very important role. When enameling watch dials, pulverized glass or other materials are melted at a temperature of over 600 degrees Celcius and are laid out in different colours on a metal carrier. In turn, artistic details are created that, due to their fine marbling, can appear like the surface of a stone.

A Chronology of Vulcain

1858: The Ditisheim brothers founded the company in La Chaux-de-Fond, Switzerland. At first it specialised in the production of complicated pocket watches.

1900: The brand name, Vulcain, is established.

1947: After five years of development, Vulcain presents its Cricket model.

1961: Vulcain launches its Nautical Cricket. It’s the first alarm wristwatch that’s also water resistant up to 300 metres. At the same time, it also has a pressure compensation display.

1961: Hannes Keller, with a Vulcain Nautical Cricket on the wrist, free dives to a record depth of 222 metres.

1970: A new Nautical Cricket is brought out on the market. It features a completely new dial design.

2011: The Vulcain Cricket Nautical is reissued due to its 50th birthday.

Prominent Emissaries of Vulcain

Dwight Eisenhower, Harry S. Truman, Lyndon B. Johnson, and Richard Nixon. Vulcain is the preferred choice of multiple US Presidents since the presentation of the first Cricket alarm wristwatch. If a US President really needs anything, then it’s probably keeping appointments in their full calendar. Every leader of the free world, with the exception of George W. Bush, has received a Vulcain since its invention. As to exactly why the 43rd President of the United States doesn’t appear in the list of prominent Vulcain recipients remains, to this day, unknown. Vulcain has also made an impression upon the world of Jazz music. In 2012, in honour of Herbie Hancock, Vulcain launched a limited edition of the 50s Presidents’ Watch. The legendary pianist himself is a proud owner of the number 1 model from a grand total of 250 pieces.