Flat, flatter, Jean Marcel

By Montredo in Lifestyle
September 23, 2019
Flat, flatter, Jean Marcel

Jean Marcel emerged from the Pforzheim-based watch factory “Adolf Gengenbach”, which had already made a name for itself with high-quality timepieces in the 1920s. In 1981, Jean Marcel eventually celebrated his own premiere under the management of owner Jürgen Kuhn.  

Jean Marcel watches are only launched in very small limited series. Despite the German headquarter and the French-sounding name, Jean-Marcel watches are genuine “Swiss Made” watches. Only high-quality Swiss quality movements are used, which are further regulated in-house for increased precision. In addition, the assembly is completely carried out in Switzerland.

Jean Marcel Tantum chronograph (Ref. 310.60.42.03)

Another aspect that distinguishes Jean Marcel watches is the unusual arrangement of the totalizers, such as in the Vertical Limit chronograph line, or the protected vertical Daydate display.

The watches moreover feature the so-called “mystery effect”, which can only be found Jean Marcel watches. It’s only when the brand’s emblem has contact with the breath that it becomes mystically visible. A creative way to guarantee the authenticity of your Jean Marcel watch.

The mystery effect in action.

The last, and arguably also greatest unique selling point of the brand, is the watches’ extraordinary height. Sure, also other watch brands can build slim watches, that’s no secret. But no one can do it as affordably as Jean Marcel, while adhering to the highest quality standards. Many models belong to the flattest watches in the world and at a fraction of the price of other established watch brands.

The low case height can be seen particularly well in the Tantum collection that was launched in 2018. Tantum is Latin for “only” and a quick glance at the Tantum collection reveals how the name came about. Within the Tantum collection there are various watch types – from manual winding to automatic to chronographs – which we will inspect in more detail in our video. So much for now: They are all incredibly flat.

The 6 mm flat Tantum (Ref. 312.60.42.92) next to a 2€ coin.

This is a sponsored post written for Jean Marcel by Montredo.