How To Wear Suede Watch Straps

By Montredo in Watch 101
May 9, 2019
How To Wear Suede Watch Straps


Suede watch straps can both enhance the look of a watch, as well as give it its own individual character. It’s a popular choice when combined with sporty chronographs, older vintage watches, and even more elegant timekeepers.

Regardless of the type of watch or outfit combination, you are ensured a comfortable wear by the strap’s signature velvety suede. Together with ZOLA, we are going to take a closer look today at suede straps, examining the material qualities, and presenting some suggestions on which watches and styles this type of leather can be best combined with.

Leather with a velvety surface

Suede is made from the underside of an animal’s skin, known as the reticular dermis. While often mistaken for nubuck, which is similar in appearance but more water resistant and harder in texture, suede is particularly popular due to its malleability and softness. 

It’s important to note that suede has an unsealed, velvety surface and any contact with fattening creams or water should generally be avoided.

Sporty, casual, and even elegant

Suede watch straps can accentuate the sporty details of both a watch, and can be an interesting alternative to a standard strap made from steel, calfskin, or crocodile leather. Suede straps are also surprisingly versatile – the appearance of a pilot, diver, or even an elegant three-hand watch can be switched up with the simple aid of a suede strap. It therefore comes as no surprise that some Nomos models, e.g. the square-shaped Nomos Tetra, are offered with fine velour leather straps.

How to combine suede straps?

Suede watch straps are frequently combined with casual clothes: besides off hour summer outfits, combinations of flannel shirts, boots, and leathers jackets can also prove to be stylish combinations. Suede’s smooth surface is generally compatible with most types of outfits and can hit just the right fashion notes: from sporty, to smart casual, even business casual.

In terms of colours, dark brown watch strap tones work better for the colder months, while in the warmer months, lighter shades fit the watches the best. When a suede strap is accompanied with an elegant outfit, e.g. a business suit, it’s a perfect combination for a cleverly assembled appearance. A nice after-effect: the entire outfit can appear to be a touch more intellectual and even artsy. It’s important to keep in mind that watch straps can effectively compliment other leather accessories e.g. belts and shoes.

As versatile as they are, not every style is compatible with suede so that some combinations should quite simply be avoided: E.g. brown suede straps should never be combined with a dark black suit. However, when paired with a plaid or striped dark blue suit, the entire approach to the outfit appears to have been more carefully thought out and a bit more adventurous as opposed to opting for a standard crocodile leather strap.

ZOLA Suede Leather Watch Straps

Zola is our personal homage to the traditional art of leather craftsmanship. From the very first second it’s strapped on, the surface of a ZOLA suede watch strap is very soft and comfortable on the wrist. At the same time, it perfectly conforms to the wrist shape of its wearer. To find out more about ZOLA that consists of both suede as well as Shell Cordovan watch straps, click right here.