IKEPOD: The rebirth of a legend

By Montredo in Lifestyle
June 27, 2019
IKEPOD: The rebirth of a legend

In 1997 there was an uproar in watch market that extended into the fashion and design world. IKEPOD had a new approach to watch design. The cases are circular with rounded edges and instead of the usual lugs, the strap is inserted into the pod. The very limited editions of the unique artisanal watch designs became an instant legend. Unfortunately, economic challenges and quality issues forced the celebrated newcomer to fold. Since then, IKEPOD fans had to scour the niche collector’s markets for the rare watches.

Now the revolutionary design is back and this time the focus is on affordability and reliability.

The IKEPOD Duopod comes in a 42mm case.

Two passionate French men set out to revive the brand that has inspired many with its creativity and disruptiveness. They retained the original design and removed the details that had caused some to doubt the practicality of the watch. Quality issues have been eliminated with the simplified mechanics and composition and the focus of the new line is affordability and reliability.

Emmanuel Gueit, a Swiss design superstar, developed the new Ikepod dials. The new cases, which of course retain their pod design with the unique rounded edges and inset bands can now be opened on the bottom for serviceability. The use of this feature will likely be minimal as the quartz movement from Miyota is known for its quality.

Before launching the new line, the savvy businessmen tested their product on Kickstarter and met with big success. More than 700 buyers were quick to preorder the new, more reliable and more affordable version of the iconic design.

The new IKEPOD offers two models:


This two-hand model is a direct descendant of the essential original IKEPOD Horizon collection. It now comes in 42mm keeping in line with our times. Same as its big brother the Chronopod, this minimalist model is powered by a famously reliable Miyota quartz movement. A smart decision of the design team was to forego the second hand to increase the appeal to lovers of mechanic timepieces. The case measures 42mm across but it wears like a smaller watch thanks to the omission of lugs and edges. The rubber strap further enhances the wearing comfort.

The excitement about IKEPOD watches is in the detail. The dials come in options from semi-glossy white to brushed metal to black bubbles. All have that extra something that sets them apart, all without being flashy or attention-seeking. The Duopod is a watch for all occasions, setting you back $ 690.

The IKEPOD Chronopod features bright orange hands.

IKEPOD Chronopod

The Duopod’s big brother is a chronograph with a 24-hour dial. Straight from the Hemipode line, the watch retains its original 44mm size, but it feels more like 42 mm on the wrist because of its high comfort rating.

The dial has the typical IKEPOD minimalistic optics that manage to arrange the various functional displays with plenty of space for easy readability: a seconds register at six o’clock, the 30-minute totalizer at nine o’clock, and a 24-hour dial at three o’clock.

The best thing is its price point. The unique look and improved quality is now affordable at only $ 825.

The characteristic design also makes the 44mm Chronopod wear comfortably on smaller wrists.

Make sure to check out IKEPOD’s website.

This is a sponsored post written for IKEPOD by Montredo.