Interview Christian Moriggi – Founder of Christian Moriggi Creations

By Montredo in Lifestyle
May 30, 2024
Interview Christian Moriggi – Founder of Christian Moriggi Creations

Could you tell us a bit about you and your story with watches?

I was born in Lausanne, Switzerland. I discovered my passion for design and watches during my studies at the Haute École d’Architecture in Geneva. After graduating, I decided to continue my studies at the Scuola Politecnica di Design in Milan, Italy. Upon my return to Switzerland, I opened my own architectural company. I also founded Christian Moriggi Creations, where I design numerous watches and furniture.

When did the idea to create a new brand occur and when did you start working on the creation and on the launch of it?

The idea of creating my own watch has always been there. When I first tried to create the watch I’m presenting to you today, I didn’t have any connections in the watchmaking industry since I wasn’t trained as a watchmaker, and therefore it proved impossible. But now, thanks to the internet, I’ve been able to get in touch with craftsmen, who have shown great interest in taking part in this adventure and creating this Swiss Made watch.
An initial prototype was produced in 2020, which revealed the improvements that needed to be made.

Where does your inspiration concerning the design of your pieces come from?

I can’t tell you where my inspiration comes from. But from the moment the decision was taken to create, that’s all I had in mind until it came to life. I’d say that when I decided to produce my watch, I had just one single goal: to design a timepiece that had never been thought of before.
One day, I realised that, since the creation of the 1st watch in 1508, it was always the hands that turned around the watch.
So I decided to make “the watch turn around the hand”.

What’s the most important thing in the process of creating your timepieces?

The most important is clearly phase I: pose the problem and solve it.

Do you have an anecdote about the design and creation phase of your timepieces?

When I presented it at the Nit de l’Art in Palma de Mallorca, several people asked me: what’s so special about your watch? Even when they held it in their hands, they didn’t realize that it had only one hand, and that it was fixed. It was great to see their reactions and their awe when they realized the question they’d just asked.

From your perception, what makes your watches so special?

The fixed hand that nonetheless tells the time. It’s at the same time special as it’s innovative.

Now, and this is imporant, could you explain us how we can read the time on your watches?

The dial is very simple to read: it is divided into 12 sections for 12 hours, with each hour divided into 4 sections, meaning 4 times 15 minutes. The hand is 15 minutes wide.
Let’s take 4 o’clock as an example:
When the hand is perfectly superimposed on the number 4: it is the full hour, so it’s 4 o’clock.
Similarly, when the hand is perfectly superimposed on the first graduation: it’s 4.15, then 4.30 on the next graduation, then 4.45.
When the hand is between 2 graduations, i.e. between 4 o’clock and 4.15, it is 4.07 and 30 seconds.
Then, with a little experience, you can easily read 4:10, for example, when the hand has passed the middle of 2 graduations.

You are the designer of this unique watch. Nevertheless, you’re a stranger to the watch industry, can you tell us about the watchmaker who designed it?

The watchmaker is Thierry Baume, founder of T-Technology in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, whom I met at a Time to Watches event. We hit it off immediately. He immediately showed his interest in the creation of this unique object and his great availability. We had great discussions and we always listened to each other. It’s thanks to this very good understanding that the watch is a success.

Could you tell us how your collection is composed?

As this is the beginning of the adventure, there are only two models available at the moment.
The first model will soon be sold out.
The second is on sale on Montredo.
It comes in two versions: quartz or automatic.
The colour of the hand matches the stitching on the strap.

Now and more generally, what are your plans for the future?

The 01 model is soon sold out.
Model 02 is on sale on Montredo.
The 03 model is just about ready and will go into production as soon as the 02 model is up and running.
Model 04 is well advanced and will be ready when the time comes.

What aspects of your brand you think people should know more about?

They should know that the concept is unique and has never been imagined before. A watch that tells the time with a fixed hand is simply incredible……and yet.

OK, now something more personal. For you, what’s the most important thing to find in a watch?

For me, it’s all about aesthetics, it must correspond to my criteria of beauty. Its quality must be exclusively the finesse and harmony of the jewel. The financial value is not important, only its genius.

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