Introducing Restrepo

By Montredo in Lifestyle
February 14, 2022
Introducing Restrepo

It’s hard to ignore Restrepo watches – not only because they are so confident, humorous and ahead of their time, but because they also have a rich history, despite only having been founded relatively recently. Bogota, Paris, Shanghai: these are the cities that influence Restrepo’s design – “Magical Reality” is the associated vision of the watches and their maker, who originally hails from Latin America. Restrepo watches have been on sale since 2021.

Real Beauty is a Question of Personality

Art, philosophy, design and culture come together in the Restrepo brand. It is, according to its own description, “far from the standards of the big brands that are mainly dedicated to macho power, technology, performance, strength, etc…. All this has already been done and told.” The distance of brands that always want to be the oldest is also shown in the logo: “After 1775” it states. The here and now is the time that Restrepo focuses on, but always with an eye to the future. The elliptical shape of the watches is the starting point for the extraordinary design of Federico Restrepo, who himself was surrounded by art intellectuals as a child – not surprisingly as the great-grandson of Henri Paul Nenot, the founder of the new Sorbonne and builder of the National Pavilion in Geneva. Federico Restrepo is a designer, artist and creator of his new watch brand. Impressively, he is actually booked as a consultant, designer or art director by major brands in fields such as fashion, cosmetics and spirits, which makes us all the more curious about his own collection.

70s Pop and Star Wars

The details of Restrepo watches are authentic, the shape is reminiscent of the Mortimer of the 70s. Elements of Pop underlined by bright colours in the dial as well as the straps that are simply meant to be fun. According to Federico Restrepo, who works more or less alone on the designs, shapes and form are an alternative to a uniform world, away from ideologies of power.

The new collections “El caballero sin Armas”, “Hasta la Victoria” and “DayWarrior and DarkWarrior” consist of very personal designs: memories of Federico’s childhood and youth as well as of his own children play a role here. This is not the only reason why one has to look at their creator to interpret the watches. Eye-catching chronographs called “El Caballero sin armas” (the Knight without weapons) with sapphire crystal embedded in a 316 L steel case and a Valjoux 7750 movement. Alongside bracelets in blue, complemented by primary yellow and red elements from the “Hasta la Victoria” collection, is a Power reserve complication that delivers the Day the month and the 24 H equipped with a Miyota 9100. The GMT watches with a Hangzhou 6640 automatic movement are also new: the “DayWarrior and DarkWarrior” – inspired by the classic Star Wars movies and a flight onboard a Concord to New York, during which Restrepo perceived the elliptical shape of the earth at dawn. The shape is reflected in all 3 models of the new collection, just like the “depth” created by 3D design. Thus, the Restrepos have an artistic claim that everyone can and should interpret for themselves – in the here and now. If you enjoy the unusual, or simply dare to be different, you should certainly check out these new timepieces!

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