Introducing Stefano Braga Watches’ Hyperion – Doing Things Differently

By Montredo in Lifestyle
March 22, 2022
Introducing Stefano Braga Watches’ Hyperion – Doing Things Differently

Wearing a piece of art on your wrist – sounds good, but admittedly also a little clichéd. The question of what actually lies behind the expression “watchmaking art” drove Stefano Braga to ask: What makes this craft so special? And how can one stand out in such a competitive industry?

Where better to find the answers to these questions than in a Swiss location characterized by traditional watchmaking art! The small town of Tramelan has been a center of attraction for all kinds of watchmakers for an age – it is often referred to as “Watch City”, and this is where the story of Stefano Braga Watches begins, back in 2018. Braga strived to do something different with his team, and this is especially evident in one of his signature watches, the likes of which has never been seen before…

Hyperion – The Circle of Life

With the knowledge and tradition of the high art of watchmaking in Switzerland, Stefano Braga Watches dares to be different, and step into the modern age. The team creates something fresh, something that has never existed before with their Hyperion piece: the first watch with half day and half moon phase on a 40mm dial. The yin-yang shape combined with the representation of the celestial bodies is certainly unique ad eye-catching. Swiss watchmaking artistry merges with perfect balance and a modern aesthetic that automatically radiates a sense of attraction. The Hyperion collection is an allusion to the complex but delicate balance between sun, moon, day and night, which, like death and rebirth, constantly influences our existence. Vibrant red and yellow colours mingle with grey and black to create a colorful or more classic alternative, depending on your choice of bracelet.

The Renunciation of Expensive Advertising

The Hyperion is deliberately different, just like Stefano Braga’s claim. “We want absolute customer satisfaction: fair prices on the market, always high quality and direct customer contact are our cornerstones.” Thus, the watches are comparatively affordable, but still retaining that genuine Swiss quality. With so many watchmakers in Switzerland, the concept for competitiveness is clear to Stefano Braga Watches: the team does without expensive advertising and simplifies the entire process. In this way, they wish to work more efficiently and yet still remain competitive.

However, what is the real meaning of the expression “watchmaking art” to Stefano Braga? Profound knowledge, intuition, manual skill and, above all, passion. A watch is therefore not just an object to be worn on the wrist, but it also brings with it hundreds of years of experience and knowledge in its very DNA.

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