Junghans Meister Agenda

By Montredo in Reviews
May 10, 2019
Junghans Meister Agenda


The Junghans Meister Agenda combines toned-down aesthetics with great attention to detail and a very playful approach of the calendar complication. 

When looking at the watch you’ll first notice the anthracite dial and the contrasting light grey registers with unusual scales as the stand-out design characteristic. In terms of its functionality the watch takes a very holistic approach as it combines a day and day-date indication with a calendar week count and a power reserve function. This makes it the perfect accompaniment for any fast-paced person who’d like to have their agenda on their wrist. 

The Junghans Meister Agenda has a case diameter of 40.4 mm and a height of 12.2 mm. It has a plexi glass with rounded edges, which, combined with a convex dial, gives the watch a vintage-like, ergonomic look. The plexi glass makes the watch feel significantly thinner than the height would suggest and, due to the lower balance point, makes the Meister Agenda sit on the wrist nicely and passively.