Instead of chasing the fractions of a second with lavish complications, the watches in Münster, Westphalia, tick deliberately a bit differently. At least at MeisterSinger, one of the first single-hand watch manufacturers that made the decelerated form of displaying time mainstream.


With the Meisterstücke (engl.: masterpieces) from the eponymous collection, MeisterSinger demonstrates its true capabilities: Record-breaking technology that is rightfully awarded with numerous, prestigious design prizes.


The name already gives a hint: The watches in the Klassik (English: classic) collection reflect the quintessence of the brand’s design language, most importantly the two-digit hour indices, the 5-minute division of the circumferential minute scale and the sharply tapered hour hand. 100% MeisterSinger.

Klassik Plus

Those who appreciate the reduced, uncluttered look of the Klassik collection, but do not want to go without a little more information on the dial, will find what they are looking for in the Klassik Plus watches. Even a day and date indication only requires a single hand.

New Vintage

What may at first sound like a contradiction is actually being brought to life in the New Vintage collection: Design features of the 50s and 60s are skillfully combined with ultra-modern elements, such as the conical flanks of Metris watches.


A dive watch from MeisterSinger? Sure, no problem with the Salthora Meta X. As a big novelty (and in contrast to the other watches), it does not display the elapsed hours but the elapsed minutes. Another highlight is the jumping hour complication at 12 o’clock.

The brand’s history:

Although MeisterSinger has only been producing watches since 2001, the brand should not be misunderstood as a new kid on the block. With five well several well-established collections, numerous in-house developments and over 30 design awards won, the young brand quickly made a name for itself. Here are ten exciting facts about MeisterSinger:


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