MeisterSinger’s new Unomat is not only crazy water-resistant, but also anti-magnetic

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August 11, 2021
MeisterSinger’s new Unomat is not only crazy water-resistant, but also anti-magnetic

The celebrations for the company’s 20th anniversary are in full swing: After already great new releases, such as the Stratoscope or Perigraph, MeisterSinger just went on and unveiled the new Unomat – a sporty steel watch that puts even the in-house diving watches in their place when it comes to water resistance.

Let’s take a brief look at what the new MeisterSinger Unomat has to offer below.

A closer look at the all-new Unomat from MeisterSinger

The big brother of the N° 03

The Unomat is a first in more ways than one, as it combines unprecedented water resistance with a newly designed five-link stainless steel bracelet. It’s probably fair to say that timelessly elegant models on leather straps are more the brand’s métier, but with the new bracelet, MeisterSinger adds a sturdier alternative to the classic stainless steel Milanese bracelets, which can already be found in the brand’s catalogue.

The watch is available in black and steel blue.

Although based on the case shape of the MeisterSinger classic N°03, the new Unomat is noticeably more robust. In particular the additional crown protection, which is intended to protect the screw-down crown from external influences in true diver’s watch fashion, in combination with the new case diameter of 43mm make the watch look significantly more striking on the wrist overall than its little brother.

Another factor that reinforces this impression is the solid stainless steel link bracelet. This is a first for MeisterSinger and represents a sportier alternative to the aforementioned (but rather elegant) mesh bracelet. Ultimately, the watch reaches – not least due to the extra-strong screwed steel back – a respectable water resistance of 300m. Incidentally, this surpasses the MeisterSinger Salthora Meta X diving watches by a full 100m, making the Unomat watches overqualified even for occasional swimming.

MeisterSinger Unomat 2021 1
The watch features a special magnetic field protection.

Protected automatic movement Sellita SW 400

Inside the watch ticks the Sellita SW 400, which is (simply put) a larger version of the SW 200. This step was necessary, since the date window would otherwise protrude too much into the inside of the dial. Considering the enlarged dial size, result would be a bit off. However, now the date window lines up harmoniously at 6 o’clock among the other numerals and is barely noticeable at all – also, of course, because the date ring shares the color of the dial.

MeisterSinger Unomat 2021
The watch has already won the prestigious Red Dot Design Award 2021.

Another special feature of the movement is the fact that it is effectively protected against magnetic radiation (up to 24,000 A/m) by several layers of soft iron. Why this is important? Well, magnetic radiation influences have a negative effect on the hairspring for instance, as this results in reduced isochronism (i.e. less regular oscillation) and thus reduced precision.

Due to a soft iron layer inside the case and an additional soft iron dial (which is normally made of brass), however, the Unomatic is effectively protected against the dangers of everyday life, which are nowadays caused for watches by electrical appliances of all sorts.

MeisterSinger at Montredo

As an authorized MeisterSinger dealer, the new MeisterSinger Unomat will of course be available at Montredo. It comes with a price tag of 1.990 Euro and will be available as of the end of June 2021.

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