Milus is one of the last few family-owned Swiss watch brands that has entirely maintained its independence since 1919. In other words: Milus was able to do in the last 100 years what it is best at, namely manufacturing beautiful, uncluttered watches in Bienne, the heart of the Swiss watch industry.

Snow Star

The collection name checks out: The Milus Snow Star, which debuted in the 1940s and was originally designed for US Navy pilots, is a well thought out retro remake for modern-day adventure-seekers.

A watch that saved lifes

What may sound a bit cynical at first, is in fact a chapter of US-American history: Navy Pilots in the 1940s were given so-called “life barter kits”, i.e. a collection of valuable items, which they could barter for their lives in case of an emergency. Among these items were also Snow Star watches, proving that Milus watches were already held in high esteem back then.

Archimèdes by Milus Collection

Inner rotating bezel, 300m water resistance and plenty of SuperLuminova: The Archimèdes dive watches by Milus are built for adventures in the depths and meant to be worn by doers, not naysayers.

Original Archimèdes, 1970.

The Archimèdes by Milus takes its inspiration from earlier models. Especially the reference 666 from the 1960s and the Super Compressor models from the 70s paved the way.


Less sturdy, equally beautiful: THE LAB 01 collection does not aim at maximum ruggedness, but at capturing urban aesthetics. The result are sleek and ultra-contemporary watches with an elegant restraint.

Extraordinary fiberglass dial

The LAB 01 timepieces boast an extraordinary dial in allusion to the famous design duo of Charles & Ray Eames. The fiberglass look, which is usually home to high-performance industries, provides a visual depth and a unique three-dimensional texture.