Past perfected: the Breitling AVI Ref. 765 1953 Re-Edition

By Montredo in Lifestyle
February 20, 2020
Past perfected: the Breitling AVI Ref. 765 1953 Re-Edition
Modeled after the 765 AVI chronograph from 1953: the new Breitling AVI Ref. 765 1953 Re-Edition © Breitling

It is said that all trends will come back in fashion at some point. Whether this is always to such a good thing remains to be seen, especially in view of the recent stampede of 90s platform shoes. As in fashion, it is now part of the daily bread of watchmakers to retrieve historical models from the archives and revision them in a new edition. And now Breitling has trained their sites on their 765 AVI chronograph from 1953 and fired off an almost exact replica of the original: the Breitling AVI Ref. 765 1953 Re-Edition.

Any similarities to deceased watches are purely deliberate

For comparison, the old Co-Pilot Ref. 765 AVI in addition to the new AVI Ref. 765 1953 Re-Edition © Breitling

Breitling speaks of having done everything possible in order to achieve a faithful reproduction of the original, and that is exactly the strength of the 765 1953 Re-Edition. The charm and character of its progenitor have been almost perfectly realized. After all there is, at least in principle, nothing wrong with subjecting previous watch models – especially the really beautiful ones – to a fresh treatment. And if the result is as convincing as the 765 1953 Re-Edition, there is also absolutely nothing to complain about.

There was more Geneva back in the day

Apart from the missing “GENEVE” lettering, the dial has remained true to the template © Breitling

Naturally Breitling has equipped this pilot’s watch with the latest technology: the Breitling in-house caliber B09. COSC certification and a 70-hour power reserve should satisfy fans of sophisticated mechanical technology. Another update from the historical template is the increased water resistance of 3 bar. Other than the missing “GENEVE” lettering, visually the watch corresponds perfectly to the co-pilot from 1953.

The AVI Ref. 765 1953 Re-Edition: a limited edition in three varieties

The three varieties of the AVI Ref. 765 1953 Re-Edition: red gold, platinum and steel © Breitling

In addition to a steel version (reference: AB0920131B1X1, price: 7,700 €), the Breitling AVI Ref. 765 1953 Re-Edition is also available in platinum (reference: LB0920131C1X1, price: 39,500 €) and in 18-carat red gold (reference: RB0920131B1X1, Price: 20,500 €).

Brooding too long over a purchase could ultimately take its toll. The version in rose gold is limited to 253 pieces, and the platinum version to 153. Only the AVI Ref. 765 1953 Re-Edition in steel should be safely available, at least for the time being, with 1953 copies.

There is more information on the manufacturer’s website and more beautiful Breitling chronographs to be seen at our online shop.