Behind The Brand: In Conversation With The Founders of Richardt Mejer Watches

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February 24, 2021
Behind The Brand: In Conversation With The Founders of Richardt Mejer Watches

We already took a look at the young Copenhagen-based watch brand Richardt Mejer some time ago. What impressed us already then was the straight-forward Bauhaus-inspired design of the dials paired with the boldly shaped cases, resulting in a contemporary design that works perfectly for everyday watches.

To dive even deeper into the world of Richardt Mejer, we have asked the two founders Christian and Anders-Christian for a quick interview. Join us, as they reveal their value proposition, plans for the future, and much more.

(If you would like to learn more about the Danish newcomers first, we recommend checking out our initial article here: Richardt Mejer Watches: From The Heart Of Copenhagen On The Wrists Of This World.)

Richardt Mejer Watches
Proudly conceived in København.

With which vision did you found your company?

Well, more or less like any other idea that comes to life, people meeting and finding a common ground on what they believe in. In the early beginning, our vision was to make new watches from old used watches, mixing hands, dials, cases and giving them new life under a new name. We scraped eBay and online auctions for big lots of old watches, everything from old clean Longines to colorful Swatch.

Richardt Mejer Watches
The brains behind Richardt Mejer.

As we got on mixing, matching, and started assembling we realized that we couldn’t get to that level of quality that we wanted, we definitely made some unique pieces, but not something that we could guarantee would last for many years. That process taught us a lot about watches and their anatomy, studying all these old watches gave us, together with our professional graphic design backgrounds, the ballast to go on and design and build our collection under the brand Richardt Mejer.

What is the value proposition of Richardt Mejer?

The market is flooded with watches/business-cases that look the same, telling the same story, especially if you look at brands out of Scandinavia. For many a smart move business-wise, but the originality is completely missing. Our approach has been different from the beginning, not to say that our designs don’t refer to our design heritage, we believe they do, but with a new refreshing take on what we think is Danish design. Originality and quality are what we are about.

Richardt Mejer Watches Collection
From left to right: Daily Watch, Signature Watch and Automatisk Watch.

How does Richardt Mejer manage to stand out from the crowd?

We are not here to necessarily stand out, or neither fit in a box. We are here to deliver what we think is a good watch design. One simple rule that applies to all our watches is that if you remove all artwork, colors, logo, etc. you still have to see that it is a Richardt Mejer watch. That one design feature that relates our different collections is what we call the Signature bend.

Richardt Mejer Watches
The signature bend up-close.

What does the future hold for the brand, what are the set goals for the years ahead?

We have never done a business plan or anything like that, we don’t want to be limited in our ways or where to go, when the time is right, we start creating. Hopefully, we can launch a new collection at the end of 2021.

How would you describe the typical Richardt Mejer buyer?

The typical buyer from our point of view is a person that is into classic watch designs that don’t play by the normal rules.

Caliber stp 1-11
Tried and tested: the decorated Caliber STP1-11 of the Automatisk collection.

If you had one wish for Richardt Mejer, what would it be?

That is an easy one: To serve our good loyal customers many years to come. 

Describe your brands with three words only.

Unpretentious, uncompromising, original.

Thanks guys!

The ”bullseye dial” features a recessed, plum-colored minute track.

What makes the brand stand out for us at the end of the day are two aspects. First, we welcome the contemporary case diameters ranging from 37mm (for the Daily Watch) to 38.5mm (for the Automatisk), which should sit comfortably on pretty much any wrist. Speaking of cases: The slightly tonneau-shaped brushed cases with their striking edges in particular are a design feature that we would like to see more often and that provide the brand with its very own aesthetics.

Secondly, the watches are positioned in the affordable entry-level range of high-quality watches, with prices between €195 and €730. As a customer, you can choose between battery-powered and automatic watches. However, rest assured that whatever you opt for, you will receive proven Swiss watch mechanics at a reasonable price. While the Automatisk line relies on the STP 1-11 by Swiss Technology Production, which is essentially an ETA 2824, the other two collections make use of Ronda quartz movements. It just comes down to your personal preferences.

Richardt Mejer at Montredo

We are therefore all the more pleased to announce that as on official partner of Richardt Mejer, you can now shop all of the brand’s watch directly at Montredo.

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  1. Very down-to-earth the 2 guys, that’s nice to see.
    The red Daily Watch with the red dial and colored hands gives me strong Alain Silberstein vibes somehow.

    February 25, 2021
  2. Always interesting to get insights about the inspiration of founders and the vision for their brand. Nice

    February 26, 2021