Stefano Braga Watches: The Perfect Combination of Aesthetics and Functionality

By Montredo in Lifestyle
December 15, 2021
Stefano Braga Watches: The Perfect Combination of Aesthetics and Functionality

Family Passion

It all started in 2018, when Stefano Braga walked through the stands at the Basel Fair, he understood the importance and prestige of the work his father Fernando had been doing for years. Fernando had spent his whole life learning the secrets of watchmaking, working with and being trained by important teachers. Stefano understood from him that a watch is not just an object to be worn on the wrist, but hundreds of years of experience and knowledge diligently passed on. It was on this basis that he founded his brand, adding a personal mission to the family’s know-how: to unite tradition and modernity under one roof.

An Innovative Response in Watchmaking

Most luxury watches have a price tag that is the result of expensive advertising, marketing campaigns and distributors, in addition to the selection of the best materials. The Stefano Braga Watches brand has decided to eliminate all of this and simplify the process. That is why they offer watches with a balanced price-quality ratio. The products meet the needs of their customers and thanks to the support of the community, they improve from edition to edition.

Quartz Watches With a Strong Personality

From the beginning, the company has been dedicated to producing quartz watches with innovative designs. The term “quartz” derives from the use of the same material (a quartz crystal) in the movement, which creates the oscillating movement at a certain speed. The polished and pressed quartz crystal acts like a tuning fork and oscillates to produce a specific frequency. The crystal inserted into the oscillator circuit then remains in constant oscillation at the same frequency; this measurement leads to timekeeping. Characteristic of all quartz watches of this brand is that they are able to measure time extremely precisely. But that’s not all: these wristwatches will steal the hearts of any design-conscious customer with their innovative colours and structures.


Hyperion represents the pillar of the East in Greek mythology. This watch is the first in the world inspired by the Yin and Yang philosophy. One half of the dial shows 2 celestial objects, symbolising the balance of the phases sun-moon and day-night. The perfectly ordered daily schedule is marked by the 24H disc.


Selene is the Greek goddess of the moon as well as its personification. This watch is thus a tribute to the magnificent celestial object and stands out for being one of the only timepieces to display the phases of the moon so large.


The “Èos” has a unique, innovative and refined design. The hands are long and minimalist and move across a dial with curved knurls that almost form the shape of a flower with 12 petals. Like all the brand’s watches, it is made entirely in Switzerland by skilled master watchmakers.

After great success with the legendary quartz models, the brand has also decided to enter the world of automatics. With high quality, high grade materials and “Swiss Made” manufacture, 3 new models will soon be launched: ” Mäelstrom”, “Starfighter” and “Moments”. Stay tuned for more info!

Until then however, you can discover all the beautiful and precise quartz models at Montredo.