The great Vintage watch offensive by Timex

By Montredo in Lifestyle
February 12, 2020
The great Vintage watch offensive by Timex

Timex, the American watch manufacturer known for its extensive history (founded in 1854) as well as its iconic, flashlight-like “Indiglo” watches, has recently undertaken an extremely lucrative strategy adjustment: new editions of its own watches, revisioned for modern tastes. Ok, so this isn’t exactly a new idea, especially taking so many other watch brands into account, but Timex seems to have perfected this formula for success once again.

Q Timex (Ref. TW2T80700)

A quick glance at the current Timex website reveals a variety of vintage inspired watches based on their own designs from the late 1970s. It started around the middle of 2019 with the Q Timex (Ref. TW2T80700), which  immediately found its way into the hearts of watch fans everywhere. The reasons are obvious: this quirky little watch features a Pepsi bezel, displays the day and date, and with its 38 mm diameter fits any wrist in the world. Although the watch is quartz operated — faithfully based on its historical model — at a price of 179 € this is rather trivial.

Q Timex (Ref. TW2T80700)

If anything, though, we rather understate the popularity of the Q Timex. Even though the situation has relaxed somewhat and they are available again through the Timex online shop, the Q Timex watches quickly sold out due to enormous demand, and were even traded online over “list price” – a strange phrase to use in association with Timex. Suffice it to say that they sold easily enough above their official MSRP.

Q Timex “Falcon Eye“ (Ref. TW2T808007U)

At the end of 2019 there appeared the Q Timex “Falcon Eye” (Ref. TW2T808007U), also a new take on the (1979) original. The bezel has fallen by the wayside, but you still get a two-color vintage bomber with a blue dial and plentiful golden accents. Beautiful stuff.

Q Timex „Falcon Eye“ (Ref. TW2T808007U)

Timex M79 Automatic (Ref. TW2U295007U)

The year 2020 is all set to be a brilliant time for Timex. At the beginning of February they announced a new vintage-inspired model, but this time with an automatic movement. Such a caliber requires a little more space, so the case has consequently grown to 40mm. Since the Pepsi bezel of the first Q Timex was such a hit, but has already been used, this model features instead a black and blue “Batman bezel.”

Timex M79 Automatic (Ref. TW2U295007U)
The latest addition: Timex M79

The Timex secret of success

Sub-200 € watches that would normally compete with department store watches made in Asia, but which people can’t wait to get their hands on? Sales managers everywhere get tears in their eyes.

One reason is that, simply said, Timex watches look great. The fact that the Pepsi and Batman bezels are all the rage doesn’t hurt matters either. At such a tempting price, resistance is futile, and the last holdouts, fans of colorful watches frozen between some brandsʼ high prices and long waiting lists and other brandsʼ uninspiring mid-priced alternatives, are sure to finally melt. All or nothing.

timex colors
New colours are already on the way.

A 179 € Timex with retro flair and great design is simply a no-brainer, perfect for those who occasionally want to see a splash of colour on their wrist but don’t want to feel too blue if someday it’s no longer to their taste.