The Omega Ploprof: Beauty Comes From Within

By Montredo in Lifestyle
March 17, 2020
The Omega Ploprof: Beauty Comes From Within
Ploprof with wetsuit
Neoprene as a fashion trend? Why not? © Jens Koeppe

Certain watches have a beauty is self-explanatory. You buy an Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Professional, a Rolex Datejust, a Tudor Black Bay, a Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso, almost every Nomos and countless other models, because you like them and you are sure to get compliments when worn. But there is also a counterculture: someone who, as a self-respecting watch fan, puts on a Casio F91-W is not doing so out of a love of beauty. Some watches fascinate with their consistency: a form that is 100% functional and couldn’t that be classed as beautiful in some eyes? The Omega Ploprof, short for plongeur professionnel (French: professional diver) impressively demonstrates how a “not-quite-beautiful” watch can still be incredibly attractive.

blue Ploprof diving
© Omega

The Ploprof is a watch that you have to approach with respect: 55 x 48mm will stand out even on the biggest bear paw and with a weight of almost 280g in the steel version, you can’t be a weakling here (comfort may be different matter entirely). Fortunately there is another titanium version, which is much lighter and therefore more comfortable, but by no means less impressive. Immediately noticeable is the huge pusher on the right side, which has to be pushed in to adjust the bezel of the watch, so you’re guaranteed not to lose track of your diving time. Also the crown, unusually on the left side, is secured with a massive protection, so that the watch cannot be accidentally flooded. Of course, the clasps have several possibilities to extend the strap, so you are able to strap the watch over even the thickest wetsuit. Do you need all this when you’re sitting in the office and fiddling with the next project? No, but as the Anglo-Saxon says: it means business.

Omega 8912
Running and running and running… © Omega

What you need is a reliable and highly accurate movement, shock resistance is always welcome, and you always get stuck somewhere. The COSC-certified Omega 8500 in steel (naturally produced in-house), will certainly never attract the owner’s attention, and that’s what good movements are all about. The titanium versions come with the even more modern 8912, which has passed Omega’s in-house “obstacle course” and may call itself a Master Chronometer, once again a leap up compared to the COSC.

Fifty fathoms? No thanks, dear 656.

Ploprof dial detail
© Omega

It was not so long ago, in 1953, that the first diver’s watch, the Blancpain Fifty Fathoms (so-called due to its resistance of fifty nautical fathoms, and thus just under 91m), was launched on the market. Only 17 years later came the original Ploprof with a water resistance of 600m, which could be increased to 1200m (almost 656 fathoms) in the current Ploprof. This is despite the fact that the new watch, unlike the original, is no longer made of a single piece of metal, and instead has a screwed case back like many others.

 Ploprof bottom
Only the titanium version has a visible bottom. © Omega

With this water density, the Ploprof may not be crowned as the queen of the depths (this title is still held by the Rolex Deepsea with 3900m), but let’s be honest: The latter just looks like a fat submariner and is only truly recognized by connoisseurs. The Ploprof on the other hand has a lot of its own character, and can certainly not be confused with any other watch in the world. And isn’t that just what a diver’s watch is all about – perhaps only 0.00001% of owners will really push the watch to its intended limits?

Titanium and Sedna Gold Ploprof
Titanium and Sedna Gold © Omega

Of course, all this is not for free: prices start at € 7,800 for a steel case with rubber strap, whilst the titanium versions cost € 10,600 or € 11,600, and finally the titanium version with gold accents will set you back € 15,900.

If you feel the need to purchase this distinctive watch now, you don’t have to worry: Help is on the way and is also considerably cheaper than the RRP above.

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