Time for a New Adventure – Introducing the CODE41 X41 Edition 7

By Montredo in Lifestyle
May 6, 2024
Time for a New Adventure – Introducing the CODE41 X41 Edition 7

The young Swiss company CODE41 has set itself the goal of making the art of Swiss watchmaking accessible to everyone and has spent months developing its latest adventure: the popular X41 is back and will be presented with the 7th edition at the end of April 2024.

The Power of Community

Since spring 2019, the X41 project has been known for surprises and triumphs. With its approach of complete transparency about the cost and origin of its products, CODE41 has been conveying not only new perspectives but also unprecedented ideas to the fine watchmaking market since 2016. The community can have its say and vote on which product will be launched and how – now the Swiss company’s new goal is to make fine watchmaking attainable to as many people as possible.

Shedding the Luxury Image

With the X41, which will soon be celebrating its existence as the 7th edition, the focus will be on expertise and the high quality of the components that will ultimately strip away the exclusive image of the watch industry, and shift into a more inclusive approach. The excellent price-performance ratio and the new procedure are therefore reason enough for many watch fans to pre-order these spectacular models.

The 6th edition was already a complete success: the skeletonised, hand-finished watches with the peripheral oscillating weight are completely coated with sapphire, one of the most resistant and complex minerals ever – only a diamond is harder. At the same time, they are extremely light and easy to wear.

Pre-orders for the X41 start on 24th April 2024 and at 3pm and end at the same time on 22th May. You can now sign up to the waiting list here. Until then, it remains exciting as always at CODE41…