Vulcain Nautical Cricket (Video)

By Montredo in Lifestyle
May 9, 2019
Vulcain Nautical Cricket (Video)


Montredo CEO Philipp Budiman travels regularly between Berlin and the watchmaking hotbeds of Le Locle, Grenchen, and Geneva where the most famous Swiss watch manufacturers reside. One very specific timepiece rarely ever leaves his side: the Vulcain Heritage Nautical Cricket. Today, he’s going to tell us about what makes the Nautical Cricket so special to him.

Vulcain Nautical Heritage Cricket

Beyond a shadow of doubt, the Vulcain Nautical Cricket is one of the most important classics that the entire diving watch genre has to offer. First launched in 1961, the Nautical Cricket was one of the worldwide first divers’ equipped with mechanical alarm functionality. It was also the very first, capable of surviving a depth of up to 300 metres undamaged. A watch’s water resistance capability can widely vary and the on-paper performance doesn’t necessarily tell the whole story because it’s tested in laboratory conditions. However, the Nautical Cricket repeatedly withstood every field test. In the same year as its launch and while strapped on the wrist of Hannes Keller, it withstood a record depth of 200 metres. The Swiss diving pioneer also played a significant role in the development of the decompression display, which serves to remind its wearer of the impending pressure equalisation during diver descent and ascent.

The Nautical Cricket was widely considered the first genuine alarm watch suited for use underwater, because its alarm was much louder than any of its contemporaries. When it’s taken into consideration how much of a challenge the poorly lit environment of the ocean once posed watch dial legibility, then the impact of an audible underwater alarm is even more significant.

In 2011, the Nautical Cricket was reissued for its 50th anniversary and, in every aspect, it remained true to its roots and initial style. Also in terms of tech, the Cricket Calibre V-10 is largely based on the originals calibre design.

The Vulcain Nautical Heritage Cricket is a watch that – from its luminous points in aged radium style to its stunning decompression display on the dial –invokes the nostalgic charm of tool watches of past days.