Watches from Allemano: Italian perfection down to the last detail

By Montredo in Lifestyle
October 30, 2020
Watches from Allemano: Italian perfection down to the last detail

Already this summer we turned our attention to Turin, where a fairly young watch brand has been producing watches since 2019. However, this does not mean that the brand has only been around for a year. On the contrary: Before wristwatches, Allemano spent more than a century manufacturing precision and measuring instruments (such as manometers, thermometers and dynamometers). For the full story, click here: Inspired by the automobile of the 1920s: Allemano watches from Turin.

What makes Allemano so remarkable is the fact that it fully lives up to its promise of quality and right down to the last detail, going the extra mile for many components that are only too often neglected in the industry. We present three examples that make Allemano stand out.

3. 100% Italian

With the exception of the Swiss movements, Allemano watches are entirely manufactured in Italy – from A to Z. Even today, all misuratori del tempo (timekeepers) are manufactured with the same sense of professionalism and tradition as they were over 100 years ago.

Note how subtly the strap is embedded into the case.

Only one of many examples is the vegetable-tanned leather strap, which is handmade by a craftsman in Arignano, just under half an hour by car east of Turin. It boasts nice little details, such as the Italian colors on the loop or the contrasting hand stitching on the side of the case.

2. Proprietary test certificate

The fact that watches have to undergo a test before they are sent to the customer or retailer is nothing new. In particular, the well-known COSC standard has become the industry-wide standard, so that nowadays even watches with prices in the three-digit range already bear the chronometer seal. But what happens when a watch brand that was only founded in 2019 has its very own test procedure?

An impression of what a test certificate at Allemano looks like.

“Accredia” is an Italian organization that reports to the Ministry of Economic Development and is particularly active in accreditation in the field of laboratory testing, calibration and certification. It works in accordance with EU standards, which Allemano in turn complies with. Thus, each certificate – in compliance with the EN 3158 and EN 3159 standards – shows the daily deviation of each watch before being sent out. It goes without saying that it also vouches for the highest level of authenticity and manufacturing quality.

1. Attention to detail

Especially watch boxes or cases are popular components that often fall victim to rationalization. From a purely ecological point of view this is quite understandable, since the watch is the real star of the show. Then again, this decision is somewhat incoherent with the “luxury experience” of buying a watch. Just think of Apple, the tech giant from Cupertino, for a second. Anyone who has read Inside Apple knows that there are employees at Apple whose only task it is to perfect the unboxing process.

Allemano approached the matter with the same enthusiasm and chose probably the most sophisticated of all solutions.

Each watch is delivered in a wooden box, handcrafted by a Turin craftsman southeast of Turin, in Cambiano. It is reminiscent of the original boxes of the last century, in which Allemano once shipped its historical precision instruments all over the world. An ode to the brand’s own tradition and a acknowledgement to the region.

It moreover includes a double folding clasp (which can be fitted as an alternative to the pin buckle) as well as a tool that allows for on-the-fly strap changes.

Allemano Watches from Turin

For more information, especially about the early days and the different collections of the brand, visit

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  1. Good to see, I hope some other brands take notice. I agree: When buying a luxury watch, I want every aspect to be luxurious.

    November 2, 2020
  2. Very cool watches, I am from Italy and didn’t even know about this brand lol.

    November 9, 2020
  3. Does I see a Unitas in there?

    November 11, 2020
  4. Ridiculous price for a chunky, non-heritage watch, with Unitas movement…

    December 6, 2020