Watches from Klokers – The modern interpretation of the slide rule on your wrist

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June 22, 2021
Watches from Klokers – The modern interpretation of the slide rule on your wrist

Occasionally, one may get the feeling that everything in the watch industry has already been done and tried out. In particular in terms of dial design, genuine surprises are becoming rarer and rarer. Although many innovations are still being achieved on the technical side, regardless whether it is ever more resistant alloys or lower-maintenance escapements, the display of time with two or three hands seems to have prevailed throughout the industry.

The situation is different with the young French watch brand Klokers, which has taken it upon itself to blur the boundaries between watchmaking and design. Put more concretely, this means a move away from hands in favor of three rotating discs.


Somewhere between watchmaking, fashion and design

Klokers is a young brand with French roots that saw the light of day in 2015. Interestingly, from the very beginning the goal was not to develop the next Haute Horlogerie super watch or anything the like, but instead to unbutton the shirt a little and to simply have fun with an innovative twist on this time-honored craft. By stylistically transferring this joy to a fresh watch concept, Klokers embraces a new horological path.

What emerged is a novel concept based on the logic of a slide rule. The younger generation in particular may no longer be familiar with said tool, but the analog mathematical aid invented as early as 1630 by the British mathematician William Oughtred really boomed in classrooms and lecture halls around the world in the 19th century and still enjoys great popularity among design aficionados and vintage lovers to this day.

In all fairness, slide rules are admittedly not necessarily the epitome of fun and joie de vivre, but just stick with us here for a second. Appearances really are deceptive after all, because Klokers managed in transferring the functionality of a slide rule into a surprisingly fun and playful way to tell the time.  

How do I read a Klokers watch?

If you are, like us, used to a classic three-hand watch, the dial of a Klokers watch can seem a bit overwhelming at first glance, given the abundance of numbers. But believe us when we are saying this is quite normal in the beginning and ultimately just a matter of getting used to it.

After all, a single glance at the 12 o’clock position is enough to read off the current time in a fraction of seconds. This is achieved with the help of three concentric rings – the hours on the outside, the minutes in the middle and the seconds on the inside – and a single hand.

Klokers Watch 2

The three counterclockwise rotating rings contain all the information needed. By reading them from top to bottom, you know in a jiffy what time it is: first the hours, then the minutes and lastly the seconds.

The trick is that in a “conventional watch” the hands move, while the markings/indices on the dial are fixed. A Klokers watch works in the complete opposite way, where the hand is fixed while the various markers move continuously.

Interchangeability with the Klokers Key

While the crown is quite traditionally accommodated at 3 o’clock to set the time and date, Klokers has come up with another patented solution for ultimate interchangeability by means of an additional pusher at 8 o’clock – the so-called Klokers Key.

Klokers Watch 4

After pressing the pusher, the wearer of the watch is able to detach the case from the bracelet. Not only does this allow the strap to be changed in a matter of seconds, but it also allows the watch to be attached to other objects. For this purpose, Klokers has developed a whole range of complementary accessories, such as a clip or table stand, allowing the pieces for be transformed into table clocks or to be worn on keychains.

Klokers Watches at Montredo

At the end of the day, Klokers strikes us a watch brand that is made for all those who cherish a watch that is off-mainstream, yet functional, good looking and not least affordable. Their design concept is unusual, but thought through and well executed.  

If this sounds like a watch for you, you can visit our large selection of Klokers Watches right here in our shop.

Klokers Watch 3

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