You know you’re crazy about watches when…

By Montredo in Lifestyle
January 28, 2020
You know you’re crazy about watches when…

Passion for timepieces can provoke some strange behavior, of which those so stricken may not even be aware. To check whether you may already be infected, the following list of potential symptoms may prove useful.

  1. At parties, you give impromptu lectures on the history of the wristwatch – at least until your partner inconspicuously jabs you in the ribs.

  2. You believe that there is one watch out there which, once you buy it, will finally end your addiction.

  3. Every night, just before bed, you recharge your luminous watch dial under the reading lamp.

  4. You find nothing wrong with spending thousands of Euros for a watch, but pick a fight over your partner’s Amazon orders.

  5. You always check other people’s wrists first, and only then notice minor matters such as eyes, clothing, etc.

  6. You think that everyone must be interested in automatic watches.

  7. Baselworld is the highlight of your year.

  8. Your partner hasn’t noticed your new watch, having long ago completely lost track.

  9. You claim that you still need a diver, despite the fact that you never even mastered water wings.

  10. Your partner keeps asking you with a slight annoyance to stop rotating your bezel.

  11. Numbers like 114060 or 16750 actually mean something to you.

  12. Flipper doesn’t make you think of a dolphin, but rather of your buying habits.

  13. It drives you nuts if your Seiko’s bezel is not aligned exactly to the nanometer.

  14. You can see a meaningful relationship between the words “Sumo,” “Hulk,” “Speedy” and “Turtle.”

  15. You get upset when someone says Submariner using the English pronunciation for “Sub” and the German for “Mariner.” Sabmariiiena!

  16. You assume that the poor availability of Rolex models should trouble your non-watch enthusiast friends as much as it does you.

  17. You’ve no idea that Paul Newman was also an actor.

  18.   You know that a minute repeater is not a glitch in the matrix.

  19. Your watch absolutely must be waterproof to 500 meters, even though you would only dive into the hotel pool if you’d dropped your sunglasses.

  20. You have to giggle seeing number plates like BB – 58 or R – LX.