A new chapter: Eberhard & Co. and Montredo join forces

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June 22, 2020
A new chapter: Eberhard & Co. and Montredo join forces

There are only few watch brands out there that have left their mark on modern watchmaking for well over 100 years as impressively as Eberhard & Co. did. Especially noteworthy are the brand’s achievements in the development of modern wristwatch chronographs, where Eberhard has taken a leading position ever since. 

We are therefore all the more delighted to announce our new partnership with a watch brand of the relevance and magnitude that Eberhard & Co. possesses.

In the name of timekeeping

Maison de l’Aigle
The «Maison de l’Aigle» in the Avenue Léopold-Robert 73 in La Chaux-de-Fonds.

It all began in 1887 in the Neuchâtel region, more precisely in La Chaux-de-Fonds. It was there that Georges-Lucien Eberhard founded his own company at the tender age of only 22, which he named “Manufacture d’Horlogerie Eberhard & Co.” The company is still in private hands and one of the few watch brands with over 130 years of uninterrupted history. Based in the Eagle House in La Chaux-de-Fonds, which has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2009, the company keeps pushing the boundaries of horological precision – to this very day.

Besides top-of-the-range timekeeping devices, Eberhard & Co. has devoted itself to over-engineered diving watches. Success proves the brand right: In 2016, the Scafograf 300 model won the coveted GPHG Award in the sports watch category, proving impressively how to stand its ground against heavyweights like major brands belonging to big groups.

Eberhard Scafograph 300
Scafograph 300 – dive watch through and through.

Why does traditional watchmaking savoir-faire meet e-commerce?

Mario Peserico
Mario Peserico, GM of Eberhard & Co. Watches

Mario Peserico, General Manager of Eberhard & Co. Watches:

With the newly established partnership, Montredo now takes the position of an official virtual showroom. The overarching goal for Eberhard is by no means to replace the traditional sales network, but to create synergies. This cross-channel shopping experience offers customers a real added value, as they are now able to enjoy a seamless integration of channels between the digital and analog world. The leitmotif of Eberhard & Co., then, today and tomorrow, remains untouched: 100% authenticity, the best service quality and relentless customer focus.

Eberhard Chrono 4
Eberhard’s flagship piece: the Chrono 4.

Philipp Budiman, CEO & Founder of Montredo:

Buying your Eberhard & Co. watch on Montredo actually has its perks. As an official partner, we are accredited for the use of a new system that from now on verifies the authenticity of every Eberhard & Co. watch sold. With the newly implemented SHIELD system, covering the warranty of each and every single watch, every customer can be sure of buying an authentic Eberhard & Co. watch from the cradle of Swiss watchmaking.

Speaking of warranty: To underline once again the outstanding quality of Eberhard’s pieces, Montredo customers receive an additional 12-month warranty when purchasing their Eberhard watch. The result is a full three-year warranty against any kind of mechanical defects of the watches.

For more information, make sure to head over to our Eberhard page.

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