Baselworld 2019: Interview with Alpina CEO Peter Stas

By Montredo in Lifestyle
May 14, 2019
Baselworld 2019: Interview with Alpina CEO Peter Stas


There are some watch brands whose roots go back to the 19th century, which are also known for their first-class watches and, despite all this , ultimately fall into oblivion. Alpina is one of those watch brands that suffered this fate. 

It all began with the visionary Swiss watchmaker Gottlieb Hauser, who made it his mission to unite the most important Swiss watchmakers of his time – the so-called “Alpinists” – in a labor union. This step was already undertaken in 1883, from which the Alpina brand eventually emerged in 1901. After a rapid rise in the early 20th century, however, the quartz crisis brought the brand to a standstill. The world bought quartz.

It is thanks to none other than Peter Stas that the brand is now back on its path to old strength. Stas, also Co-founder and CEO of Frederique Constant, took on the task of reviving the brand in 2002, in which he evidently succeeded. In our interview at Baselworld 2019, Stas presented a genuine Smartwatch in the form of the Alpina AlpinerX as well as a vintage-inspired chronograph with cushion-shaped case. Especially with the AlpinerX, Stas shows how Alpina perfectly masters a balancing act between traditional watchmaking and state-of-the-art technology.