Longines Conquest

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Longines Conquest – A tribute to the greatest explorers

The Conquest Heritage, Hydro Conquest, and Conquest Classic collections have all born witness to the company’s rich history and are closely connected with the early explorers of former glory days. That Longines (as well as Rolex) was a watch brand geared towards dangerous outdoor adventures, wasn’t just some story scribbled on a piece of paper. Since the end of the 19th century, its watches have been valued highly for both their dependability and their accuracy. At one period in time, many experts even widely considered Longines to be leading the pack of watch manufacturers.

In the years that followed, pioneers literally depended on Longines watches e.g. Roald Amundsen, Richard E. Byrd, and Charles Lindbergh. Today, the Conquest is much more than just a collection of watches. It’s a cornerstone of the brands labours and a pillar of its identity. Along with divers’ watches and chronographs, there’s also GMT watches and innumerable retro designs. This manufacturer is well-known for placing continuity at the forefront rather than just hopping on board seasonal trends and no better is this reflected than in its Conquest series.

Conquest broken down into numbers – Top 5 Facts

3: Prices in the three figure Euro range

While the Grande Classique represents the classic dress watch, the Conquest collection gravitates to the more sporty-hip styles. At the same time, the series is an excellent example of outstanding price-performance ratio and one of the reasons why it’s so appreciated by an attentive younger audience. Longines has pitched a nearly perfect entry level timepiece in the world of mechanical watches with its Conquest, which has a retail price of about 500,- GBP for the quartz model. By the same token, it also goes head to head with its competition: Tissot and Hamilton. For the mechanical watch enthusiast, Longines offers versions with an automatic movement in the price range of 780,- GBP. At Montredo, both are available at an affordable price.

1: One minute in five years

In 1984, Longines presented its Conquest VHP (Very High Precision). It’s a watch model that was five to ten times more accurate than a normal quartz based watch. This means, that it has a maximum rate of one minute deviation in five years. Today, Breitling offers similar quartz watches certified by the Official Swiss Chronometer Testing Institute which are known as SuperQuartz.

300: Three hundred metres

The sporty and modern Hydro Conquest became the absolute darling of the entire Longines watch collection in a very short space of time. It is water resistant to a depth of 300 metres and also has a unidirectional bezel with a 60s scale. The Hydro Conquest is available with a red, black, and blue bezel and also as a chronograph.

0,125: An eighth of a second timing device

Longines has incorporated dependable ETA movements into the Conquest model family. The balance wheel of many of these watch movements in the collection oscillates with a frequency of 28,800 per hour. Therefore, its second hand glides in an eighth of a second tempo around the dial.

6: More than six decades

The Conquest forms the oldest collection at Longines and it’s quite literally, a repository for multiple models. It was first presented in 1954 and introduced the concept of a product line which aimed to assist the customer in their choice for finding just the right watch. Since the introduction of its product development strategy in the form of different collections, its variety has also increased. The Conquest, Conquest Heritage, Conquest Classic and the Hydro Conquest all form together a rich assortment of more than 300 different models in the most recent Longines series of watches.

A Chronology of the Conquest

1954: The Conquest collection is launched and is the first model series that combines multiple models all into one collection.

1959: The in-house created Calibre 290 with an automatic winding mechanism is incorporated into the Conquest.

2010: The Hydro Conquest is incorporated into the collection and establishes itself as a permanent member of the Longines portfolio.

2014: Longines launches the Longines Conquest Heritage 1954 – 2014 in a limited edition on its 60th anniversary.

2015: The Longines Classic Moon Phase is presented at Baselworld. It’s a chronograph that also has a complete calendar as well as a moon phase complication.