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Omega – The brand of the Modern Gentleman

The Alpha and the Omega, from the beginning until the end, everything comes full circle. This must be what the sons of the company founder of Louis Brandt thought, as they rebranded the company name into the last letters of the Greek alphabet. Nowadays, Omega is considered the watch brand with the most precision records. This is exactly why the manufacturer, who resides in Biel in Switzerland, is a reliable companion for those moments that are most important in life. Omega has already been responsible at the Olympic Games on 26 occasions for measuring time and has turned into a household name as the go-to wristwatch of various heroes of contemporary history.

The Speedmaster Professional was the very first watch on the Moon and since 1995, the Seamaster has been saving the world together in the escapades of James Bond. Need we say more? Omega is often ahead of its time, especially in terms of technical innovation. Most notably, the co-axial escapement is considered one of the last great innovations of watchmaking. Recently, the collection is defined by the classic Seamaster, Speedmaster, the de Ville, and the Constellation. These pursue the legacy of the manufacturer to the present day.

Omega Collections


Fast, Faster, Speedmaster. The “Speedy” is an iconic timepiece and along with its counterpart, the Rolex Daytona, one of the world’s most famous Chronograph Collections. Since 1957, the watch went down in the pages of history when it landed on the moon around the wrist of astronaut Buzz Aldrin. Over the last few decades, the entire collection has been refined with the Mark Series, the Day Date, the Broad Arrow, and the Speedmaster Racing.



The history of the diving watch is closely intertwined with the name Seamaster. Launched in 1948, it sets new standards of surviving deep sea depths while continuously innovating with new features e.g. Master Co-Axial-Escapement. It’s a collection composed of the classic Seamaster Diver Collection, the Aqua Terra, and the Planet Ocean.


De Ville

This watch forms the elegant counterpart to an otherwise collection characterised by chronographs and diving watches. It invokes the imagery of a time, in which Omega was closely associated with classic dress watches. Its dials are very clean and frequently, Roman numerals grace the face of the watch. The collection is very versatile with the De Ville Prestige, Trésor, and the Ladymatic. Multiple models have been equipped with the master co-axial movement. There’s also chronographs and classic three hand watches made of gold.


Omega broken down into numbers

2500 – The caliber with the first Omega co-axial escapement

Starting in 1999, the co-axial escapement was used in various models and importantly, also for the first time in the Calibre 2500. It belongs to the greatest technical achievements in the field of mechanical watches in the last century.

15000 – Fifteen thousand Gauss

The most recent models with the name Master Co-Axial are largely unaffected by magnetic fields measuring up to 15,000 Gauss and are widely considered the first completely non-magnetic wristwatches of the world. Before then, a mere protection of only up to 1,000 Gauss was possible.

8 – The eight day mission to the Moon

In 1969, the Apollo 11 took a total of 8 days for its space mission. It catapulted the Omega Speedmaster Professional into the illustrious category of being the first watch ever worn on the moon. A legend was then born and the Speedmaster Professional became, according to Omega, the most effective and enduring publicity the company has ever enjoyed.

7 – The Agent known as 007

Since 1995, Omega has been the official timekeeper and occasional life-saver of the 007 Agent known as James Bond. Pierce Brosnan was also the first Bond that placed faith in his reliable Seamaster in the movie Goldeneye.

26 – Twenty-six times at the Olympics

Ever since 1932, Omega has been a grand total of 26 times the official timekeeper at both the summer and winter Olympic Games. It will also be in charge of time once again at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro in 2016.

A Chronology of Omega

1848: Louis Brandt founds La Chaux de Fonds. Its name is later changed to Omega.

1894: Omega creates its very first calibre and its crown can not only be wound , but also be used to adjust the time.

1948 100 years after the company’s foundation, Omega introduces its first Seamaster to the world.

1957: The very first Speedmaster is launched.

1960: The de Ville becomes an important addition to Omega’s growing collection.

1969: Legendary Voyage: The Speedmaster Professional becomes the first watch to land on the moon as part of the Apollo 11 space mission.

1999: The Calibre 2500 becomes the first co-axial creation from Omega to go down in history.

2014: Omega presents its new Master Co-Axial Calibre 8500, which is considered the first completely non-magnetised movement in the world.

2020: The brand reissues the legendary hand-wound caliber 321, which already powered the first Speedmaster model on the moon.

Omega Aficionados

Omega has a lot of famous emissaries as it’s a big part of its strategic brand identity e.g. James Bond has made Omega into the embodiment of the modern gentleman. However in the real world, the most famous Omega emissary is Agent 007’s smooth, real life counterpart; George Clooney. He often wears a Seamaster Aqua Terra with a dark blue dial. Since 2007, he’s Omegas official ambassador and it’s in keeping with his family traditions, as his father also wore one. At his wedding, he wore a de Ville Trésor in 18 carat white gold.

John F. Kennedy relied on the timekeeping services of Omega to keep his White House appointments. The watch of the 35th President of the United States has earned a place of respect in the Omega Museum in Biel, Switzerland. Michael Schumacher is also a big fan of the brand and Omega honoured the most successful Formula 1 racer of all time, by reissuing multiple Michael Schumacher editions of the Speedmaster.